1st Aug    distorted?
Went for a walk, but no battery in camera.
Took this with my phone and a strange fish-man appeared.

2nd Aug    badges

3rd Aug    der mauer
A piece of the Berlin wall in Potsdamerplatz.
"I am a (female) terrorist"
The use of the "eine" may be a reference to JFK's famous speech.

4th Aug    reichstag
Inside (Sir) Norm's dome.
Amazing experience, well worth the hour spent in an orderly queue.

5th Aug    alexanderplatz
In the U-Bahnhof.
The peculiar quality from the CCTV, not photoshop. The guy in the foreground had a huge scar on his head.

6th Aug    potsdam
'Sans Souci', a baroque confection, Potsdam is a whole 'town' of palaces, quite extraordinary.

7th Aug    notice
In the Cathedral, or 'Dom'.
I LOVE german fonts, this is a great (old) example.
Translation could read "No Riff Raff"

8th Aug    friedrichstrasse
Expensive shops abound in Berlin.
The interior of the Galleries Lafyette.

9th Aug    spandau

10th Aug    jewish quarter
Yet another grim reminder of Berlin's troubled past.
Victor was only 2, yet sent to Auschwitz.

11th Aug    evening
another strange sky over Sussex

12th Aug    charcoal

13th Aug    victorian
Ceiling at Possingworth New Park, built 1865-6
Now Holy Cross Priory.

14th Aug    rolo

15th Aug    mum %26 daughter

16th Aug    pub grub

17th Aug    codes

18th Aug    recycle
The quoitidian routines...

19th Aug    two daves
Before the Albert Hall promenade concert, sensible people who have brought their own sandwiches.

20th Aug    not a washing machine

21st Aug    ficus carica
Much to Lucy's excitement, our fig tree has produced a ripe fruit!

22nd Aug    mouse

23rd Aug    intuitive
an iPod, how good is that?

24th Aug    anniversary
... a whole year!

25th Aug    library
...the long awaited 'new' library.

26th Aug    walk

27th Aug    roy %26 weebo
No computer at the mo.
Using P's PC, and her camera...

28th Aug    crisis what crisis?

29th Aug    keymer post
good old phone camera, you never know what you are going to get...

30th Aug    jill (not jack)
A beautiful evening (and bike ride) but only the phone to hand.
I do however like the bleached quality of this.

31st Aug    pinboard
end of a very mixed month...