May 2023


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Mon 1st<br/>piet mondrian
Mon 1st
piet mondrian
Tue 2nd<br/>stairs
Tue 2nd
Wed 3rd<br/>infinity mirror room
Wed 3rd
infinity mirror room
Mon 8th<br/>someone
Mon 8th
someone's excited
Tue 9th<br/>bitterfeld markt
Tue 9th
bitterfeld markt
Tue 9th<br/>sand play
Tue 9th
sand play
Wed 10th<br/>nazis out
Wed 10th
nazis out
Wed 10th<br/>am bahnhof
Wed 10th
am bahnhof
Wed 10th<br/>retro german graphics
Wed 10th
retro german graphics
Thu 11th<br/>lakeside textures
Thu 11th
lakeside textures
Thu 11th<br/>chillin
Thu 11th
Thu 11th<br/>walk in the woods
Thu 11th
walk in the woods
Fri 12th<br/>leipzig
Fri 12th
Fri 12th<br/>leipzig coffee house
Fri 12th
leipzig coffee house
Sat 13th<br/>berlin hauptbahnhof
Sat 13th
berlin hauptbahnhof
Sat 13th<br/>sonnenaufgang am see
Sat 13th
sonnenaufgang am see
Sun 14th<br/>hunger strike for climate change
Sun 14th
hunger strike for climate change
Wed 17th<br/>window reflections
Wed 17th
window reflections
Thu 18th<br/>insomnia
Thu 18th
Fri 19th<br/>street sign
Fri 19th
street sign
Sat 20th<br/>nunhead open day
Sat 20th
nunhead open day
Sun 21st<br/>peek a boo
Sun 21st
peek a boo
Mon 22nd<br/>life grows where it will
Mon 22nd
life grows where it will
Tue 23rd<br/>sad dinner for one ...
Tue 23rd
sad dinner for one ...
Wed 24th<br/>a day after the operation
Wed 24th
a day after the operation
Thu 25th<br/>the cliffe
Thu 25th
the cliffe
Fri 26th<br/>white and green
Fri 26th
white and green
Sat 27th<br/>the bends
Sat 27th
the bends
Sun 28th<br/>baby steps
Sun 28th
baby steps
Mon 29th<br/>the town
Mon 29th
the town
Tue 30th<br/>three arrows
Tue 30th
three arrows
Wed 31st<br/>quick stroll before supper
Wed 31st
quick stroll before supper