April 2010


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Thu 1st<br/>tree shadows
Thu 1st
tree shadows
Fri 2nd<br/>dark globes
Fri 2nd
dark globes
Sat 3rd<br/>cedar shoots
Sat 3rd
cedar shoots
Sun 4th<br/>mother and daughter
Sun 4th
mother and daughter
Mon 5th<br/>berwick church
Mon 5th
berwick church
Tue 6th<br/>strange vapours
Tue 6th
strange vapours
Wed 7th<br/>new hairstyle
Wed 7th
new hairstyle
Thu 8th<br/>wind down
Thu 8th
wind down
Fri 9th<br/>church interior
Fri 9th
church interior
Sat 10th<br/>tone and jude
Sat 10th
tone and jude
Sun 11th<br/>double portrait
Sun 11th
double portrait
Mon 12th<br/>planned obsolescence
Mon 12th
planned obsolescence
Tue 13th<br/>twilight trees
Tue 13th
twilight trees
Wed 14th<br/>token houses?
Wed 14th
token houses?
Thu 15th<br/>before the next term
Thu 15th
before the next term
Fri 16th<br/>devizes
Fri 16th
Sat 17th<br/>sisters conversation
Sat 17th
sisters conversation
Sun 18th<br/>some kind of pun?
Sun 18th
some kind of pun?
Mon 19th<br/>hamsey church
Mon 19th
hamsey church
Tue 20th<br/>until the day break
Tue 20th
until the day break
Wed 21st<br/>clear skies
Wed 21st
clear skies
Thu 22nd<br/>magazine
Thu 22nd
Fri 23rd<br/>back lit
Fri 23rd
back lit
Sat 24th<br/>waiting for the 128
Sat 24th
waiting for the 128
Sun 25th<br/>children or men?
Sun 25th
children or men?
Mon 26th<br/>mighty redwood
Mon 26th
mighty redwood
Tue 27th<br/>irresistible
Tue 27th
Wed 28th<br/>bark of birch
Wed 28th
bark of birch
Thu 29th<br/>serpentine course
Thu 29th
serpentine course
Fri 30th<br/>between the gables
Fri 30th
between the gables