July 2024


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Mon 1st<br/>seeds from turin
Mon 1st
seeds from turin
Tue 2nd<br/>chalkfall
Tue 2nd
Wed 3rd<br/>number 35
Wed 3rd
number 35
Thu 4th<br/>didnt he just ....
Thu 4th
didnt he just ....
Fri 5th<br/>patina parade
Fri 5th
patina parade
Sat 6th<br/>tate trip
Sat 6th
tate trip
Sat 6th<br/>market crush
Sat 6th
market crush
Sun 7th<br/>world in a ball
Sun 7th
world in a ball
Mon 8th<br/>printer issues
Mon 8th
printer issues
Tue 9th<br/>help yourself
Tue 9th
help yourself
Wed 10th<br/>superheroes
Wed 10th
Fri 12th<br/>shepherd
Fri 12th
shepherd's hut
Sat 13th<br/>sunset : the first evening
Sat 13th
sunset : the first evening
Sun 14th<br/>detectorists
Sun 14th
Mon 15th<br/>dawn over the field
Mon 15th
dawn over the field