April 2023


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Sat 1st<br/>fool
Sat 1st
fool's day
Sun 2nd<br/>little and large
Sun 2nd
little and large
Mon 3rd<br/>abandoned  car
Mon 3rd
abandoned car
Tue 4th<br/>glass
Tue 4th
Wed 5th<br/>breakfast
Wed 5th
Thu 6th<br/>looking for suitable stones
Thu 6th
looking for suitable stones
Fri 7th<br/>newhaven cliffs
Fri 7th
newhaven cliffs
Sat 8th<br/>ancient and modern
Sat 8th
ancient and modern
Sun 9th<br/>coombes church
Sun 9th
coombes church
Mon 10th<br/>above us only sky
Mon 10th
above us only sky
Tue 11th<br/>peel
Tue 11th
Thu 13th<br/>dejected batter
Thu 13th
dejected batter
Thu 13th<br/>lovely day for it
Thu 13th
lovely day for it
Fri 14th<br/>striking pose
Fri 14th
striking pose
Sat 15th<br/>jump they said
Sat 15th
jump they said
Sun 16th<br/>fear eats the soul
Sun 16th
fear eats the soul
Mon 17th<br/>wall eyed
Mon 17th
wall eyed
Tue 18th<br/>lunch at the ivy
Tue 18th
lunch at the ivy
Wed 19th<br/>just hangin
Wed 19th
just hangin' out in the gents
Fri 21st<br/>star group friday
Fri 21st
star group friday
Sat 22nd<br/>broken balls
Sat 22nd
broken balls
Sun 23rd<br/>rainy day
Sun 23rd
rainy day
Mon 24th<br/>rainbow in still air
Mon 24th
rainbow in still air
Tue 25th<br/>redundant lighting
Tue 25th
redundant lighting
Wed 26th<br/>forest texture
Wed 26th
forest texture
Thu 27th<br/>ashdown (2)
Thu 27th
ashdown (2)
Fri 28th<br/>faded miltaria (another dead shop)
Fri 28th
faded miltaria (another dead shop)
Sat 29th<br/>towner 100
Sat 29th
towner 100
Sun 30th<br/>angles
Sun 30th