June 2021
Tue 1st<br/>in the precinct
Tue 1st
in the precinct
Wed 2nd<br/>lunch at rathfinny estate
Wed 2nd
lunch at rathfinny estate
Thu 3rd<br/>another dead shop
Thu 3rd
another dead shop
Fri 4th<br/>friday life
Fri 4th
friday life
Sat 5th<br/>glove tree
Sat 5th
glove tree
Sun 6th<br/>a beautiful day for it
Sun 6th
a beautiful day for it
Mon 7th<br/>albion hill
Mon 7th
albion hill
Tue 8th<br/>looking the other way ...
Tue 8th
looking the other way ...
Wed 9th<br/>prison wall
Wed 9th
prison wall
Thu 10th<br/>alfresco dining for one
Thu 10th
alfresco dining for one
Fri 11th<br/>high pee
Fri 11th
high pee
Sat 12th<br/>yesterday
Sat 12th
yesterday's life session
Sun 13th<br/>swimming sisters
Sun 13th
swimming sisters
Mon 14th<br/>hove canopy
Mon 14th
hove canopy
Tue 15th<br/>the clock on the wall
Tue 15th
the clock on the wall
Wed 16th<br/>old garage
Wed 16th
old garage