January 2024


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Mon 1st<br/>new year dawns
Mon 1st
new year dawns
Tue 2nd<br/>goodbye boiler
Tue 2nd
goodbye boiler
Wed 3rd<br/>seven years
Wed 3rd
seven years
Thu 4th<br/>fine morning walk ...
Thu 4th
fine morning walk ...
Fri 5th<br/>44 years ago
Fri 5th
44 years ago
Sat 6th<br/>days 1 to 6
Sat 6th
days 1 to 6
Sun 7th<br/>streets of lewes
Sun 7th
streets of lewes
Mon 8th<br/>three peaks
Mon 8th
three peaks
Tue 9th<br/>low road - high road
Tue 9th
low road - high road
Wed 10th<br/>morning bedroom sunrise
Wed 10th
morning bedroom sunrise
Thu 11th<br/>there was something else here...
Thu 11th
there was something else here...
Fri 12th<br/>high end shops
Fri 12th
high end shops
Fri 12th<br/>temple to mammon
Fri 12th
temple to mammon
Sat 13th<br/>aboard a cardboard spaceship
Sat 13th
aboard a cardboard spaceship
Sun 14th<br/>2009 Stock
Sun 14th
2009 Stock
Mon 15th<br/>a fine day
Mon 15th
a fine day
Tue 16th<br/>brewing
Tue 16th
Wed 17th<br/>over half way ...
Wed 17th
over half way ...
Thu 18th<br/>frozen pond
Thu 18th
frozen pond
Fri 19th<br/>life friday
Fri 19th
life friday
Sun 21st<br/>flower stalk
Sun 21st
flower stalk
Mon 22nd<br/>up close and personal
Mon 22nd
up close and personal
Tue 23rd<br/>drowning
Tue 23rd
Wed 24th<br/>1 to 24
Wed 24th
1 to 24
Fri 26th<br/>sorry jade ...
Fri 26th
sorry jade ...
Sat 27th<br/>wolf moon
Sat 27th
wolf moon
Sun 28th<br/>stranger in town
Sun 28th
stranger in town
Mon 29th<br/>vacuum tube valves
Mon 29th
vacuum tube valves
Tue 30th<br/>town house arundel
Tue 30th
town house arundel
Tue 30th<br/>coffered 15c. ceiling
Tue 30th
coffered 15c. ceiling