December 2023


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Fri 1st<br/>four colour pencil
Fri 1st
four colour pencil
Thu 7th<br/>never meeting
Thu 7th
never meeting
Fri 8th<br/>life friday
Fri 8th
life friday
Sat 9th<br/>rain rain and more rain
Sat 9th
rain rain and more rain
Sun 10th<br/>outside tree
Sun 10th
outside tree
Mon 11th<br/>night shot
Mon 11th
night shot
Tue 12th<br/>bell and sollohub
Tue 12th
bell and sollohub
Wed 13th<br/>sterile promontory
Wed 13th
sterile promontory
Thu 14th<br/>life drawing
Thu 14th
life drawing
Fri 15th<br/>last session this year
Fri 15th
last session this year
Sat 16th<br/>nan
Sat 16th
nan's birthday cake (no.2)
Mon 18th<br/>positive
Mon 18th
Tue 19th<br/>according to spotify ...
Tue 19th
according to spotify ...
Wed 20th<br/>two days to go to winter solstice
Wed 20th
two days to go to winter solstice
Thu 21st<br/>avenue of red brick
Thu 21st
avenue of red brick
Fri 22nd<br/>peelers
Fri 22nd
Sat 23rd<br/>visitors
Sat 23rd
Mon 25th<br/>christmas dinner
Mon 25th
christmas dinner
Tue 26th<br/>dad
Tue 26th
dad's boots
Wed 27th<br/>christmas is over
Wed 27th
christmas is over
Thu 28th<br/>grey trafalgar
Thu 28th
grey trafalgar
Fri 29th<br/>st. paul
Fri 29th
st. paul's covent garden
Sat 30th<br/>incomplete family lunch
Sat 30th
incomplete family lunch
Sun 31st<br/>that
Sun 31st
that's entertainment