May 2018


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Tue 1st<br/>after supper at the sparrowhawk
Tue 1st
after supper at the sparrowhawk
Wed 2nd<br/>raking light
Wed 2nd
raking light
Thu 3rd<br/>crystal palace low level
Thu 3rd
crystal palace low level
Fri 4th<br/>all the way from toronto
Fri 4th
all the way from toronto
Sat 5th<br/>changing face of lewes
Sat 5th
changing face of lewes
Sun 6th<br/>hats
Sun 6th
Mon 7th<br/>en plein air
Mon 7th
en plein air
Tue 8th<br/>bluebell time again
Tue 8th
bluebell time again
Wed 9th<br/>market street
Wed 9th
market street
Thu 10th<br/>another dead shop
Thu 10th
another dead shop
Fri 11th<br/>yellow poles
Fri 11th
yellow poles
Sat 12th<br/>two plus eight equals 28
Sat 12th
two plus eight equals 28
Sun 13th<br/>birling gap
Sun 13th
birling gap
Mon 14th<br/>180 degrees at flagstaff point
Mon 14th
180 degrees at flagstaff point
Tue 15th<br/>cuckmere haven
Tue 15th
cuckmere haven
Wed 16th<br/>eastbourne
Wed 16th
Thu 17th<br/>spectacular hawthorn
Thu 17th
spectacular hawthorn
Fri 18th<br/>cup and blinds
Fri 18th
cup and blinds
Sat 19th<br/>torso and feet
Sat 19th
torso and feet
Sun 20th<br/>water movement
Sun 20th
water movement
Mon 21st<br/>west dean wisteria (and parkland)
Mon 21st
west dean wisteria (and parkland)
Tue 22nd<br/>river lavant
Tue 22nd
river lavant
Wed 23rd<br/>west dean hall
Wed 23rd
west dean hall
Thu 24th<br/>best drawing
Thu 24th
best drawing
Fri 25th<br/>drawing and painting interiors...
Fri 25th
drawing and painting interiors...
Sat 26th<br/>pergola
Sat 26th
Sun 27th<br/>up the depot with the parkos
Sun 27th
up the depot with the parkos
Mon 28th<br/>the bottleneck ...
Mon 28th
the bottleneck ...
Tue 29th<br/>parallel lines
Tue 29th
parallel lines
Wed 30th<br/>boston (lincs)
Wed 30th
boston (lincs)
Thu 31st<br/>cleethorpes
Thu 31st