June 2007


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Fri 1st<br/>on the pier
Fri 1st
on the pier
Sat 2nd<br/>jill
Sat 2nd
jill's pond
Sun 3rd<br/>offham church
Sun 3rd
offham church
Mon 4th<br/>grid
Mon 4th
Tue 5th<br/>geraniums
Tue 5th
Wed 6th<br/>wood
Wed 6th
Thu 7th<br/>self
Thu 7th
Fri 8th<br/>hard hat tree
Fri 8th
hard hat tree
Sat 9th<br/>dulwich picture gallery
Sat 9th
dulwich picture gallery
Sun 10th<br/>lily oh lily
Sun 10th
lily oh lily
Mon 11th<br/>mystery object
Mon 11th
mystery object
Tue 12th<br/>library steps
Tue 12th
library steps
Wed 13th<br/>napery
Wed 13th
Thu 14th<br/>leaded light
Thu 14th
leaded light
Fri 15th<br/>friday night: 18:47 from victoria
Fri 15th
friday night: 18:47 from victoria
Sat 16th<br/>washing line
Sat 16th
washing line
Sun 17th<br/>blue
Sun 17th
Mon 18th<br/>kingston ridge
Mon 18th
kingston ridge
Tue 19th<br/>two cranes
Tue 19th
two cranes
Wed 20th<br/>regency square
Wed 20th
regency square
Thu 21st<br/>evening sky
Thu 21st
evening sky
Fri 22nd<br/>at steve and lindas
Fri 22nd
at steve and lindas
Sat 23rd<br/>feet
Sat 23rd
Sun 24th<br/>washing line blues
Sun 24th
washing line blues
Mon 25th<br/>old jowett
Mon 25th
old jowett
Tue 26th<br/>red left hand
Tue 26th
red left hand
Wed 27th<br/>over the hill
Wed 27th
over the hill
Thu 28th<br/>another lonely cloud
Thu 28th
another lonely cloud
Fri 29th<br/>eye pods
Fri 29th
eye pods
Sat 30th<br/>dead tree
Sat 30th
dead tree