April 2015


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Wed 1st<br/>blackcap
Wed 1st
Thu 2nd<br/>sunset over sea
Thu 2nd
sunset over sea
Fri 3rd<br/>rain clouds
Fri 3rd
rain clouds
Sat 4th<br/>look away now...
Sat 4th
look away now...
Sun 5th<br/>blackcap from barcombe
Sun 5th
blackcap from barcombe
Mon 6th<br/>TQ 437 163
Mon 6th
TQ 437 163
Tue 7th<br/>TQ 435 155
Tue 7th
TQ 435 155
Wed 8th<br/>misty morning walk
Wed 8th
misty morning walk
Thu 9th<br/>beacon and back
Thu 9th
beacon and back
Fri 10th<br/>sorting out and cleaning
Fri 10th
sorting out and cleaning
Sat 11th<br/>wartime diary
Sat 11th
wartime diary
Sun 12th<br/>escarpment
Sun 12th
Mon 13th<br/>croydon new builds
Mon 13th
croydon new builds
Tue 14th<br/>beautiful day for it
Tue 14th
beautiful day for it
Wed 15th<br/>TQ 366 739
Wed 15th
TQ 366 739
Thu 16th<br/>TQ 357 755
Thu 16th
TQ 357 755
Fri 17th<br/>under the bridge
Fri 17th
under the bridge
Sat 18th<br/>TQ 439 168
Sat 18th
TQ 439 168
Sun 19th<br/>morning cuppa ...
Sun 19th
morning cuppa ...
Mon 20th<br/>sky, sea and ... pebbles
Mon 20th
sky, sea and ... pebbles
Tue 21st<br/>seaford head
Tue 21st
seaford head
Wed 22nd<br/>garden phase 3
Wed 22nd
garden phase 3
Thu 23rd<br/>paddock road dormers
Thu 23rd
paddock road dormers
Fri 24th<br/>offham - kingsley road junction
Fri 24th
offham - kingsley road junction
Sat 25th<br/>coming  back from dean wood
Sat 25th
coming back from dean wood
Sun 26th<br/>entrance to harveys
Sun 26th
entrance to harveys
Mon 27th<br/>billy no-mates
Mon 27th
billy no-mates
Tue 28th<br/>the way is clear
Tue 28th
the way is clear
Wed 29th<br/>at the saatchi gallery
Wed 29th
at the saatchi gallery
Thu 30th<br/>we two boys...
Thu 30th
we two boys...