October 2013


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Thu 3rd<br/>very odd clouds
Thu 3rd
very odd clouds
Fri 4th<br/>morning light (2)
Fri 4th
morning light (2)
Sat 5th<br/>morning light (1)
Sat 5th
morning light (1)
Sun 6th<br/>late afternoon stroll
Sun 6th
late afternoon stroll
Mon 7th<br/>048
Mon 7th
Tue 8th<br/>the arc of the whatsit
Tue 8th
the arc of the whatsit
Wed 9th<br/>Edstone Aqueduct
Wed 9th
Edstone Aqueduct
Thu 10th<br/>Alas poor Garlic...
Thu 10th
Alas poor Garlic...
Fri 11th<br/>culture clash
Fri 11th
culture clash
Sat 12th<br/>beast and beauty
Sat 12th
beast and beauty
Sun 13th<br/>the shadows of the crew
Sun 13th
the shadows of the crew
Mon 14th<br/>Aboard the Enterprise
Mon 14th
Aboard the Enterprise
Tue 15th<br/>046
Tue 15th
Wed 16th<br/>discarded junk food
Wed 16th
discarded junk food
Thu 17th<br/>sky drama
Thu 17th
sky drama
Fri 18th<br/>horses above brighton
Fri 18th
horses above brighton
Sat 19th<br/>full moon and firework
Sat 19th
full moon and firework
Sun 20th<br/>guido gets it
Sun 20th
guido gets it
Mon 21st<br/>scattered damsons
Mon 21st
scattered damsons
Wed 23rd<br/>grazing afternoon
Wed 23rd
grazing afternoon
Thu 24th<br/>mother moment
Thu 24th
mother moment
Fri 25th<br/>dark woodland
Fri 25th
dark woodland
Sat 26th<br/>unpleasant weather ahead
Sat 26th
unpleasant weather ahead
Sun 27th<br/>Mr. Bale goes to dinner
Sun 27th
Mr. Bale goes to dinner
Mon 28th<br/>storm has passed
Mon 28th
storm has passed
Tue 29th<br/>flint and tile
Tue 29th
flint and tile
Wed 30th<br/>the big view
Wed 30th
the big view
Thu 31st<br/>94 last saturday
Thu 31st
94 last saturday