February 2016


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Mon 1st<br/>fence
Mon 1st
Tue 2nd<br/>bergen steamship company
Tue 2nd
bergen steamship company
Wed 3rd<br/>small window
Wed 3rd
small window
Thu 4th<br/>more desperate business
Thu 4th
more desperate business
Fri 5th<br/>enclosed space
Fri 5th
enclosed space
Sat 6th<br/>kate and hugh
Sat 6th
kate and hugh
Sun 7th<br/>karlskirche
Sun 7th
Mon 8th<br/>lower belvedere
Mon 8th
lower belvedere
Tue 9th<br/>belvederegarten
Tue 9th
Wed 10th<br/>ver sacrum
Wed 10th
ver sacrum
Thu 11th<br/>danubekanal
Thu 11th
Fri 12th<br/>hanuschgasse
Fri 12th
Sat 13th<br/>hofburg
Sat 13th
Sun 14th<br/>wolfgang army
Sun 14th
wolfgang army
Mon 15th<br/>stating the obvious
Mon 15th
stating the obvious
Tue 16th<br/>anti bailiff
Tue 16th
anti bailiff
Wed 17th<br/>desperate business 2
Wed 17th
desperate business 2
Thu 18th<br/>tower block and cloud
Thu 18th
tower block and cloud
Fri 19th<br/>regency square
Fri 19th
regency square
Sat 20th<br/>lenses
Sat 20th
Sun 21st<br/>hunde verbot
Sun 21st
hunde verbot
Mon 22nd<br/>gimme shelter
Mon 22nd
gimme shelter
Tue 23rd<br/>breakfast room
Tue 23rd
breakfast room
Wed 24th<br/>desperate business 3
Wed 24th
desperate business 3
Thu 25th<br/>end of an era
Thu 25th
end of an era
Fri 26th<br/>life session
Fri 26th
life session
Sat 27th<br/>blue doors
Sat 27th
blue doors
Sun 28th<br/>pelham house
Sun 28th
pelham house
Mon 29th<br/>wall detail
Mon 29th
wall detail