January 2023


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Sun 1st<br/>train and flock
Sun 1st
train and flock
Mon 2nd<br/>the edge of the wood
Mon 2nd
the edge of the wood
Tue 3rd<br/>ripe for demolition
Tue 3rd
ripe for demolition
Wed 4th<br/>basic
Wed 4th
Thu 5th<br/>seventy-one
Thu 5th
Fri 6th<br/>out out
Fri 6th
out out
Sat 7th<br/>from the bedroom (1)
Sat 7th
from the bedroom (1)
Sun 8th<br/>comfort food
Sun 8th
comfort food
Mon 9th<br/>art store
Mon 9th
art store
Tue 10th<br/>from the bedroom (2)
Tue 10th
from the bedroom (2)
Wed 11th<br/>powerclad
Wed 11th
Thu 12th<br/>see through
Thu 12th
see through
Fri 13th<br/>camera service
Fri 13th
camera service
Sat 14th<br/>it was sunny when we left the house...
Sat 14th
it was sunny when we left the house...
Sun 15th<br/>hers and his
Sun 15th
hers and his
Mon 16th<br/>hi def look
Mon 16th
hi def look
Tue 17th<br/>one closing, possibly two...
Tue 17th
one closing, possibly two...
Wed 18th<br/>perfect day ...
Wed 18th
perfect day ...
Thu 19th<br/>bexhill station
Thu 19th
bexhill station
Fri 20th<br/>from my sketchbook
Fri 20th
from my sketchbook
Sat 21st<br/>pop pop
Sat 21st
pop pop's pizza party
Sun 22nd<br/>piano session
Sun 22nd
piano session
Mon 23rd<br/>canopy
Mon 23rd
Tue 24th<br/>woodman
Tue 24th
Thu 26th<br/>earth
Thu 26th
earth's imagined corners
Fri 27th<br/>friday life
Fri 27th
friday life
Sat 28th<br/>bond street
Sat 28th
bond street
Sun 29th<br/>lunch at lizzies
Sun 29th
lunch at lizzies
Mon 30th<br/>on the number 3 to brixton
Mon 30th
on the number 3 to brixton
Tue 31st<br/>blue line
Tue 31st
blue line