March 2009


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Sun 1st<br/>tide waits for no men
Sun 1st
tide waits for no men
Mon 2nd<br/>walking to wales
Mon 2nd
walking to wales
Tue 3rd<br/>the port of liverpool
Tue 3rd
the port of liverpool
Wed 4th<br/>prince albert
Wed 4th
prince albert
Thu 5th<br/>bra and butt
Thu 5th
bra and butt
Fri 6th<br/>mangled pipes
Fri 6th
mangled pipes
Sat 7th<br/>weekend traffic
Sat 7th
weekend traffic
Sun 8th<br/>two chalky paths
Sun 8th
two chalky paths
Mon 9th<br/>masque
Mon 9th
Tue 10th<br/>wrapped up bridge
Tue 10th
wrapped up bridge
Wed 11th<br/>battleship
Wed 11th
Thu 12th<br/>tate window
Thu 12th
tate window
Fri 13th<br/>mount caburn
Fri 13th
mount caburn
Sat 14th<br/>a lark
Sat 14th
a lark
Sun 15th<br/>martyrs monument
Sun 15th
martyrs monument
Mon 16th<br/>western road
Mon 16th
western road
Tue 17th<br/>mirror in the bathroom
Tue 17th
mirror in the bathroom
Wed 18th<br/>3 lots of stripes
Wed 18th
3 lots of stripes
Thu 19th<br/>hedge and chalky soil
Thu 19th
hedge and chalky soil
Fri 20th<br/>newhaven pier
Fri 20th
newhaven pier
Sat 21st<br/>towards abstraction
Sat 21st
towards abstraction
Sun 22nd<br/>easter hols
Sun 22nd
easter hols
Mon 23rd<br/>late afternoon walk
Mon 23rd
late afternoon walk
Tue 24th<br/>more misty trees
Tue 24th
more misty trees
Wed 25th<br/>caroline
Wed 25th
caroline's comedy face
Thu 26th<br/>dutch interior
Thu 26th
dutch interior
Fri 27th<br/>fin de siecle
Fri 27th
fin de siecle
Sat 28th<br/>space invaders
Sat 28th
space invaders
Sun 29th<br/>sunday night is pizza night
Sun 29th
sunday night is pizza night
Mon 30th<br/>gtterdmmerung
Mon 30th
Tue 31st<br/>smile
Tue 31st