September 2012


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Sat 1st<br/>gritter twins
Sat 1st
gritter twins
Sun 2nd<br/>D
Sun 2nd
Mon 3rd<br/>move in stuff day
Mon 3rd
move in stuff day
Wed 5th<br/>A
Wed 5th
Thu 6th<br/>back in brissle
Thu 6th
back in brissle
Fri 7th<br/>as predicted...
Fri 7th
as predicted...
Sat 8th<br/>six ten am
Sat 8th
six ten am
Sun 9th<br/>new dawn fades
Sun 9th
new dawn fades
Mon 10th<br/>complex city
Mon 10th
complex city
Tue 11th<br/>different perspective
Tue 11th
different perspective
Wed 12th<br/>rainbow valley
Wed 12th
rainbow valley
Fri 14th<br/>introducing some colour
Fri 14th
introducing some colour
Sat 15th<br/>hope gap
Sat 15th
hope gap
Sun 16th<br/>ever changing skies
Sun 16th
ever changing skies
Mon 17th<br/>cow mixture
Mon 17th
cow mixture
Tue 18th<br/>i see no shepherds
Tue 18th
i see no shepherds
Wed 19th<br/>fireplace story
Wed 19th
fireplace story
Thu 20th<br/>inverse reverse perverse
Thu 20th
inverse reverse perverse
Fri 21st<br/>the lone car motors south
Fri 21st
the lone car motors south
Sat 22nd<br/>perspective in cloud
Sat 22nd
perspective in cloud
Sun 23rd<br/>sixty today
Sun 23rd
sixty today
Mon 24th<br/>monochromatic weather
Mon 24th
monochromatic weather
Tue 25th<br/>different day different rainbow
Tue 25th
different day different rainbow
Wed 26th<br/>double celebration
Wed 26th
double celebration
Thu 27th<br/>tumblr collage
Thu 27th
tumblr collage
Fri 28th<br/>spanish evening
Fri 28th
spanish evening
Sat 29th<br/>twenty two degrees
Sat 29th
twenty two degrees
Sun 30th<br/>sheep crane and castle
Sun 30th
sheep crane and castle