May 2013


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Wed 1st<br/>talking ginny for a walk
Wed 1st
talking ginny for a walk
Thu 2nd<br/>mount stewart gardens
Thu 2nd
mount stewart gardens
Fri 3rd<br/>extreme topiary
Fri 3rd
extreme topiary
Sat 4th<br/>mourne mountains
Sat 4th
mourne mountains
Sun 5th<br/>rusted girder
Sun 5th
rusted girder
Mon 6th<br/>it must be a camel
Mon 6th
it must be a camel
Tue 7th<br/>ploughed field
Tue 7th
ploughed field
Wed 8th<br/>bluebell time again
Wed 8th
bluebell time again
Thu 9th<br/>wow... just like the old days
Thu 9th
wow... just like the old days
Fri 10th<br/>lonely cloud
Fri 10th
lonely cloud
Sat 11th<br/>escarpment
Sat 11th
Sun 12th<br/>richard wagner syndrome
Sun 12th
richard wagner syndrome
Mon 13th<br/>making a point
Mon 13th
making a point
Tue 14th<br/>swamp
Tue 14th
Wed 15th<br/>twenty three today
Wed 15th
twenty three today
Thu 16th<br/>hyde park canopy
Thu 16th
hyde park canopy
Fri 17th<br/>the snowdrop
Fri 17th
the snowdrop
Sat 18th<br/>whitehall towers
Sat 18th
whitehall towers
Sun 19th<br/>scarf
Sun 19th
Mon 20th<br/>cycling and walking
Mon 20th
cycling and walking
Tue 21st<br/>three tulips
Tue 21st
three tulips
Wed 22nd<br/>rain threatened, didn
Wed 22nd
rain threatened, didn't materialise
Thu 23rd<br/>I don
Thu 23rd
I don't remember looking like this
Fri 24th<br/>Lake Farm House
Fri 24th
Lake Farm House
Sat 25th<br/>planting out
Sat 25th
planting out
Sun 26th<br/>final ascent
Sun 26th
final ascent
Mon 27th<br/>tractor tracks
Mon 27th
tractor tracks
Tue 28th<br/>iford village
Tue 28th
iford village
Wed 29th<br/>burnt orchid
Wed 29th
burnt orchid
Thu 30th<br/>feeding babies
Thu 30th
feeding babies
Fri 31st<br/>bunting and signage
Fri 31st
bunting and signage