January 2011


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Sat 1st<br/>traditional new year
Sat 1st
traditional new year's day walk
Sun 2nd<br/>st peter ad vincula
Sun 2nd
st peter ad vincula
Mon 3rd<br/>directions
Mon 3rd
Tue 4th<br/>the hut
Tue 4th
the hut
Wed 5th<br/>059
Wed 5th
Thu 6th<br/>so ravillious
Thu 6th
so ravillious
Fri 7th<br/>R
Fri 7th
Sat 8th<br/>behind big ben
Sat 8th
behind big ben
Sun 9th<br/>anxious lion
Sun 9th
anxious lion
Mon 10th<br/>004
Mon 10th
Tue 11th<br/>blue man
Tue 11th
blue man
Wed 12th<br/>manhattan from long island city
Wed 12th
manhattan from long island city
Thu 13th<br/>quilt
Thu 13th
Fri 14th<br/>clayton tunnel
Fri 14th
clayton tunnel
Sat 15th<br/>after tapas
Sat 15th
after tapas
Sun 16th<br/>walking up keere street
Sun 16th
walking up keere street
Mon 17th<br/>sea state
Mon 17th
sea state
Tue 18th<br/>old theme revisited
Tue 18th
old theme revisited
Wed 19th<br/>as i walked out one morning...
Wed 19th
as i walked out one morning...
Thu 20th<br/>the elly
Thu 20th
the elly
Fri 21st<br/>afternoon walk
Fri 21st
afternoon walk
Sat 22nd<br/>tree defined
Sat 22nd
tree defined
Sun 23rd<br/>uckfield line
Sun 23rd
uckfield line
Mon 24th<br/>011
Mon 24th
Tue 25th<br/>cockshut
Tue 25th
Wed 26th<br/>echo beach
Wed 26th
echo beach
Thu 27th<br/>lewes working mens club
Thu 27th
lewes working mens club
Fri 28th<br/>smokin
Fri 28th
Sat 29th<br/>mossy logs
Sat 29th
mossy logs
Sun 30th<br/>human scale
Sun 30th
human scale
Mon 31st<br/>seven sisters
Mon 31st
seven sisters