April 2007


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Sun 1st<br/>seaford
Sun 1st
seaford's new beach huts
Mon 2nd<br/>cliff
Mon 2nd
Tue 3rd<br/>face mask
Tue 3rd
face mask
Wed 4th<br/>all roads lead to piddinghoe...
Wed 4th
all roads lead to piddinghoe...
Thu 5th<br/>two rings
Thu 5th
two rings
Fri 6th<br/>why ?
Fri 6th
why ?
Sat 7th<br/>two scottish bathrooms
Sat 7th
two scottish bathrooms
Sun 8th<br/>the borders
Sun 8th
the borders
Mon 9th<br/>water study
Mon 9th
water study
Tue 10th<br/>windy walking shot
Tue 10th
windy walking shot
Wed 11th<br/>para-surfing
Wed 11th
Thu 12th<br/>beach
Thu 12th
Fri 13th<br/>hare plate
Fri 13th
hare plate
Sat 14th<br/>fatsia japonica
Sat 14th
fatsia japonica
Sun 15th<br/>women in my life
Sun 15th
women in my life
Mon 16th<br/>field patterns
Mon 16th
field patterns
Tue 17th<br/>our band
Tue 17th
our band
Wed 18th<br/>long man
Wed 18th
long man
Thu 19th<br/>plumpton plain
Thu 19th
plumpton plain
Fri 20th<br/>anthony
Fri 20th
anthony's prescription sunglasses
Sat 21st<br/>old friends
Sat 21st
old friends
Sun 22nd<br/>hodders coombe
Sun 22nd
hodders coombe
Mon 23rd<br/>walking across a field
Mon 23rd
walking across a field
Tue 24th<br/>feet
Tue 24th
Wed 25th<br/>skype
Wed 25th
Thu 26th<br/>(not so) dirty old river
Thu 26th
(not so) dirty old river
Fri 27th<br/>beetle in the gutter
Fri 27th
beetle in the gutter
Sat 28th<br/>blossom petals
Sat 28th
blossom petals
Sun 29th<br/>jane
Sun 29th
Mon 30th<br/>books
Mon 30th