December 2013


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Sun 1st<br/>hedge grass fence grass
Sun 1st
hedge grass fence grass
Mon 2nd<br/>where
Mon 2nd
where's my lunch?
Tue 3rd<br/>better than one
Tue 3rd
better than one
Wed 4th<br/>icelandic street names
Wed 4th
icelandic street names
Thu 5th<br/>ghost feet
Thu 5th
ghost feet
Fri 6th<br/>falmer church
Fri 6th
falmer church
Sat 7th<br/>dark sky
Sat 7th
dark sky
Sun 8th<br/>cloud and contorted
Sun 8th
cloud and contorted
Mon 9th<br/>eastgate house
Mon 9th
eastgate house
Tue 10th<br/>open pits
Tue 10th
open pits
Wed 11th<br/>out of season pool
Wed 11th
out of season pool
Thu 12th<br/>another glorious dawn
Thu 12th
another glorious dawn
Fri 13th<br/>we three kings of plywood are
Fri 13th
we three kings of plywood are
Sat 14th<br/>dollhouse christmas
Sat 14th
dollhouse christmas
Sun 15th<br/>another year another birthday
Sun 15th
another year another birthday
Mon 16th<br/>tis the season
Mon 16th
tis the season
Tue 17th<br/>amaretti tin
Tue 17th
amaretti tin
Wed 18th<br/>liz, maggie and lucy
Wed 18th
liz, maggie and lucy
Thu 19th<br/>inuit wall hanging (detail)
Thu 19th
inuit wall hanging (detail)
Fri 20th<br/>puzzling
Fri 20th
Sat 21st<br/>splash point
Sat 21st
splash point
Sun 22nd<br/>the young contingent
Sun 22nd
the young contingent
Mon 23rd<br/>out for a walk
Mon 23rd
out for a walk
Tue 24th<br/>eggs-mas breakfast
Tue 24th
eggs-mas breakfast
Wed 25th<br/>christmas day floods
Wed 25th
christmas day floods
Thu 26th<br/>watching tv
Thu 26th
watching tv
Fri 27th<br/>just getting on with life
Fri 27th
just getting on with life
Sat 28th<br/>weather change on way
Sat 28th
weather change on way
Sun 29th<br/>nearing the end of the year
Sun 29th
nearing the end of the year
Mon 30th<br/>churchill sq. revamp
Mon 30th
churchill sq. revamp
Tue 31st<br/>happy new years eve
Tue 31st
happy new years eve