February 2024


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Thu 1st<br/>southdown bus
Thu 1st
southdown bus
Fri 2nd<br/>last 5 self portraits
Fri 2nd
last 5 self portraits
Sat 3rd<br/>red breast
Sat 3rd
red breast
Wed 7th<br/>scaffolder
Wed 7th
scaffolder's art
Thu 8th<br/>dismal
Thu 8th
Fri 9th<br/>double portrait
Fri 9th
double portrait
Sat 10th<br/>hanging on to my legs
Sat 10th
hanging on to my legs
Sun 11th<br/>elsa out of frozen
Sun 11th
elsa out of frozen
Mon 12th<br/>nihil sine labore
Mon 12th
nihil sine labore
Thu 15th<br/>number 28
Thu 15th
number 28
Fri 16th<br/>out out
Fri 16th
out out
Sat 17th<br/>that
Sat 17th
that's life
Sun 18th<br/>another day in the studio
Sun 18th
another day in the studio
Mon 19th<br/>pink cloud
Mon 19th
pink cloud
Tue 20th<br/>snail trails
Tue 20th
snail trails
Wed 21st<br/>number 4
Wed 21st
number 4
Thu 22nd<br/>through a window
Thu 22nd
through a window
Fri 23rd<br/>train shed
Fri 23rd
train shed
Sat 24th<br/>tyninghame walk
Sat 24th
tyninghame walk
Sun 25th<br/>ravensheugh sands
Sun 25th
ravensheugh sands
Mon 26th<br/>tyne mouth
Mon 26th
tyne mouth
Tue 27th<br/>Do Ho Suh
Tue 27th
Do Ho Suh
Wed 28th<br/>familiar spaces
Wed 28th
familiar spaces
Thu 29th<br/>a great read
Thu 29th
a great read