December 2018


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Sat 1st<br/>joint and remote effort
Sat 1st
joint and remote effort
Sun 2nd<br/>wet paint
Sun 2nd
wet paint
Mon 3rd<br/>spoilt for choice
Mon 3rd
spoilt for choice
Tue 4th<br/>no more knitting
Tue 4th
no more knitting
Wed 5th<br/>twin towers
Wed 5th
twin towers
Thu 6th<br/>mixture of styles
Thu 6th
mixture of styles
Fri 7th<br/>penultimate session this term
Fri 7th
penultimate session this term
Sat 8th<br/>so brighton
Sat 8th
so brighton
Sun 9th<br/>the diagonal path
Sun 9th
the diagonal path
Mon 10th<br/>covent garden reindeer
Mon 10th
covent garden reindeer
Tue 11th<br/>tate britain pano
Tue 11th
tate britain pano
Wed 12th<br/>cliffe bridge
Wed 12th
cliffe bridge
Thu 13th<br/>london plane and wrapped building
Thu 13th
london plane and wrapped building
Fri 14th<br/>star life group
Fri 14th
star life group
Sat 15th<br/>cloud formations
Sat 15th
cloud formations
Sun 16th<br/>birthday visit: morning after
Sun 16th
birthday visit: morning after
Mon 17th<br/>naomi
Mon 17th
Tue 18th<br/>another misty morning
Tue 18th
another misty morning
Wed 19th<br/>arguing over a wheelbarrow?
Wed 19th
arguing over a wheelbarrow?
Thu 20th<br/>outfall
Thu 20th
Fri 21st<br/>meal pano
Fri 21st
meal pano
Sat 22nd<br/>brushes, turps jar and rag
Sat 22nd
brushes, turps jar and rag
Sun 23rd<br/>christmas eve eve
Sun 23rd
christmas eve eve
Mon 24th<br/>brockwell park
Mon 24th
brockwell park
Tue 25th<br/>xmas sphinxing
Tue 25th
xmas sphinxing
Wed 26th<br/>iguanodons
Wed 26th
Thu 27th<br/>glue square and duct tape
Thu 27th
glue square and duct tape
Fri 28th<br/>2000 piece star wars jigsaw
Fri 28th
2000 piece star wars jigsaw
Sat 29th<br/>pallets
Sat 29th
Sun 30th<br/>takeaway nightmares
Sun 30th
takeaway nightmares
Mon 31st<br/>orange men
Mon 31st
orange men