August 2022


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Tue 2nd<br/>takin
Tue 2nd
takin' a break for a bit
Wed 3rd<br/>glyn philpot
Wed 3rd
glyn philpot
Fri 5th<br/>sandals
Fri 5th
Sat 6th<br/>portrait
Sat 6th
Sat 6th<br/>field
Sat 6th
Sun 7th<br/>end of terrace
Sun 7th
end of terrace
Tue 9th<br/>the cliffe
Tue 9th
the cliffe
Wed 10th<br/>nothin
Wed 10th
nothin' ever happens
Thu 11th<br/>nocturne 1
Thu 11th
nocturne 1
Fri 12th<br/>twilight walking
Fri 12th
twilight walking
Sat 13th<br/>cliff edge
Sat 13th
cliff edge
Sun 14th<br/>a sister (or two) yesterday
Sun 14th
a sister (or two) yesterday
Mon 15th<br/>perpetual canon
Mon 15th
perpetual canon
Mon 15th<br/>rustication
Mon 15th
Tue 16th<br/>obliteration
Tue 16th
Wed 17th<br/>saint benet
Wed 17th
saint benet
Thu 18th<br/>field
Thu 18th
Fri 19th<br/>nocturne 2
Fri 19th
nocturne 2
Sat 20th<br/>lake wood
Sat 20th
lake wood
Sun 21st<br/>low sun - parched grass
Sun 21st
low sun - parched grass
Mon 22nd<br/>fractura
Mon 22nd
Tue 23rd<br/>deceptively spacious
Tue 23rd
deceptively spacious
Wed 24th<br/>river ouse
Wed 24th
river ouse
Thu 25th<br/>les feuilles mortes
Thu 25th
les feuilles mortes
Fri 26th<br/>at blackcap
Fri 26th
at blackcap
Sun 28th<br/>coley road trip
Sun 28th
coley road trip
Mon 29th<br/>escalate
Mon 29th
Tue 30th<br/>between the lines
Tue 30th
between the lines
Wed 31st<br/>canary wharf
Wed 31st
canary wharf
Wed 31st<br/>ten trains
Wed 31st
ten trains