November 2013


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Fri 1st<br/>wrapped pipes
Fri 1st
wrapped pipes
Sat 2nd<br/>stillness and melancholy
Sat 2nd
stillness and melancholy
Sun 3rd<br/>love locks
Sun 3rd
love locks
Mon 4th<br/>lewes castle
Mon 4th
lewes castle
Tue 5th<br/>topical cake
Tue 5th
topical cake
Wed 6th<br/>waterloo and cliffe
Wed 6th
waterloo and cliffe
Thu 7th<br/>minus eighteen
Thu 7th
minus eighteen
Fri 8th<br/>akureyri
Fri 8th
Sat 9th<br/>hverir
Sat 9th
Sun 10th<br/>northern lights
Sun 10th
northern lights
Mon 11th<br/>reykjavik
Mon 11th
Tue 12th<br/>sulphurous outpourings
Tue 12th
sulphurous outpourings
Wed 13th<br/>hallgrimskirkja church
Wed 13th
hallgrimskirkja church
Thu 14th<br/>twinarets and plane
Thu 14th
twinarets and plane
Fri 15th<br/>northern lights
Fri 15th
northern lights
Sat 16th<br/>008
Sat 16th
Sun 17th<br/>L
Sun 17th
Mon 18th<br/>hardcore
Mon 18th
Tue 19th<br/>K
Tue 19th
Wed 20th<br/>up at the crack
Wed 20th
up at the crack
Thu 21st<br/>life drawing
Thu 21st
life drawing
Fri 22nd<br/>taking shape
Fri 22nd
taking shape
Sat 23rd<br/>selfie from 1976
Sat 23rd
selfie from 1976
Sun 24th<br/>taken by lucy 1991
Sun 24th
taken by lucy 1991
Mon 25th<br/>companion photo
Mon 25th
companion photo
Tue 26th<br/>nevill gothic
Tue 26th
nevill gothic
Wed 27th<br/>zaphod beeblebrox
Wed 27th
zaphod beeblebrox
Thu 28th<br/>sagrada familia
Thu 28th
sagrada familia
Fri 29th<br/>5 minute life drawing
Fri 29th
5 minute life drawing
Sat 30th<br/>two women
Sat 30th
two women