October 2008


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Wed 1st<br/>spelter
Wed 1st
Thu 2nd<br/>a town with it
Thu 2nd
a town with it's own brew
Fri 3rd<br/>the wonder of skype
Fri 3rd
the wonder of skype
Sat 4th<br/>I told you I was ill
Sat 4th
I told you I was ill
Sun 5th<br/>sun through blinds
Sun 5th
sun through blinds
Mon 6th<br/>it
Mon 6th
it's that old castle again
Tue 7th<br/>still waters
Tue 7th
still waters
Wed 8th<br/>season of spiders
Wed 8th
season of spiders
Thu 9th<br/>conference
Thu 9th
Fri 10th<br/>sussex barn
Fri 10th
sussex barn
Sat 11th<br/>mike
Sat 11th
mike's party
Sun 12th<br/>this beautiful county
Sun 12th
this beautiful county
Mon 13th<br/>ploughed field
Mon 13th
ploughed field
Tue 14th<br/>antioch
Tue 14th
Fri 17th<br/>four trees
Fri 17th
four trees
Sat 18th<br/>jan and lewis
Sat 18th
jan and lewis
Sun 19th<br/>dew pond
Sun 19th
dew pond
Mon 20th<br/>Chattri
Mon 20th
Thu 23rd<br/>early evening grazing
Thu 23rd
early evening grazing
Fri 24th<br/>colette
Fri 24th
colette's birthday
Sat 25th<br/>green eyes
Sat 25th
green eyes
Sun 26th<br/>eighty nine today
Sun 26th
eighty nine today
Mon 27th<br/>antioch street
Mon 27th
antioch street
Tue 28th<br/>pink gable
Tue 28th
pink gable
Wed 29th<br/>look out
Wed 29th
look out
Thu 30th<br/>church roof
Thu 30th
church roof
Fri 31st<br/>on the beach
Fri 31st
on the beach