May 2014


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Thu 1st<br/>under the weight...
Thu 1st
under the weight...
Fri 2nd<br/>I
Fri 2nd
Sat 3rd<br/>medieval mayhem
Sat 3rd
medieval mayhem
Sun 4th<br/>clouds like europe
Sun 4th
clouds like europe
Mon 5th<br/>O
Mon 5th
Tue 6th<br/>coffee atop the beacon
Tue 6th
coffee atop the beacon
Wed 7th<br/>southern railway map (detail)
Wed 7th
southern railway map (detail)
Thu 8th<br/>leg godt
Thu 8th
leg godt
Fri 9th<br/>floral display
Fri 9th
floral display
Sat 10th<br/>R.E.Walker used to drive one
Sat 10th
R.E.Walker used to drive one
Sun 11th<br/>a view through
Sun 11th
a view through
Mon 12th<br/>collared doves
Mon 12th
collared doves
Tue 13th<br/>late afternoon seagulls
Tue 13th
late afternoon seagulls
Wed 14th<br/>it
Wed 14th
it's a beautiful day
Thu 15th<br/>happy birthday pizza
Thu 15th
happy birthday pizza
Fri 16th<br/>treacle mine
Fri 16th
treacle mine
Sat 17th<br/>afternoon nap
Sat 17th
afternoon nap
Sun 18th<br/>church and barn
Sun 18th
church and barn
Mon 19th<br/>mixed shadows
Mon 19th
mixed shadows
Tue 20th<br/>road markings
Tue 20th
road markings
Wed 21st<br/>peckham rye station
Wed 21st
peckham rye station
Thu 22nd<br/>cy
Thu 22nd
cy's front garden
Fri 23rd<br/>polarised clouds
Fri 23rd
polarised clouds
Sat 24th<br/>pink steps
Sat 24th
pink steps
Sun 25th<br/>fiveways
Sun 25th
Mon 26th<br/>buttercup battlefield
Mon 26th
buttercup battlefield
Tue 27th<br/>i
Tue 27th
i'll never get sick of the view
Wed 28th<br/>cast a clout
Wed 28th
cast a clout
Thu 29th<br/>three pint trish
Thu 29th
three pint trish
Fri 30th<br/>mixed woodland
Fri 30th
mixed woodland
Sat 31st<br/>bus back from brighton
Sat 31st
bus back from brighton