March 2008


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Sat 1st<br/>yew - narcissi - ivy
Sat 1st
yew - narcissi - ivy
Sun 2nd<br/>sunday sunset
Sun 2nd
sunday sunset
Mon 3rd<br/>a shaft of sunlight
Mon 3rd
a shaft of sunlight
Tue 4th<br/>piece of sky
Tue 4th
piece of sky
Wed 5th<br/>reflections in a grid
Wed 5th
reflections in a grid
Thu 6th<br/>store
Thu 6th
Fri 7th<br/>did it roll or was it driven?
Fri 7th
did it roll or was it driven?
Sat 8th<br/>phoebe
Sat 8th
Sun 9th<br/>threatening sky
Sun 9th
threatening sky
Mon 10th<br/>cloudscape
Mon 10th
Tue 11th<br/>like portholes
Tue 11th
like portholes
Wed 12th<br/>discarded daffodil
Wed 12th
discarded daffodil
Thu 13th<br/>blogs revisited (2)
Thu 13th
blogs revisited (2)
Fri 14th<br/>blogs revisited (3)
Fri 14th
blogs revisited (3)
Sat 15th<br/>blogs revisited (4)
Sat 15th
blogs revisited (4)
Sun 16th<br/>curry supper
Sun 16th
curry supper
Mon 17th<br/>burghers of calais
Mon 17th
burghers of calais
Tue 18th<br/>demonstrating the gorilla pod
Tue 18th
demonstrating the gorilla pod
Wed 19th<br/>rainbow column
Wed 19th
rainbow column
Thu 20th<br/>a hole in the wall
Thu 20th
a hole in the wall
Fri 21st<br/>perspective
Fri 21st
Sat 22nd<br/>afternoon walk
Sat 22nd
afternoon walk
Sun 23rd<br/>noddy
Sun 23rd
noddy's car
Mon 24th<br/>seaside weather
Mon 24th
seaside weather
Tue 25th<br/>cow gap
Tue 25th
cow gap
Wed 26th<br/>windover hill
Wed 26th
windover hill
Thu 27th<br/>milton street
Thu 27th
milton street
Fri 28th<br/>emerson chambers
Fri 28th
emerson chambers
Sat 29th<br/>back on terra firma
Sat 29th
back on terra firma
Sun 30th<br/>T 4 2
Sun 30th
T 4 2
Mon 31st<br/> a strange cloud hangs over the town...
Mon 31st
a strange cloud hangs over the town...