July 2012


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Sun 1st<br/>blackcap
Sun 1st
Mon 2nd<br/>shadow across a path
Mon 2nd
shadow across a path
Tue 3rd<br/>o l d s m o b i l e
Tue 3rd
o l d s m o b i l e
Wed 4th<br/>moonlight becomes you
Wed 4th
moonlight becomes you
Thu 5th<br/>foreign country
Thu 5th
foreign country
Fri 6th<br/>a digger yesterday
Fri 6th
a digger yesterday
Sat 7th<br/>marriage made in the heavens
Sat 7th
marriage made in the heavens
Sun 8th<br/>between the showers
Sun 8th
between the showers
Mon 9th<br/>hmp lewes
Mon 9th
hmp lewes
Tue 10th<br/>signs of lewes
Tue 10th
signs of lewes
Wed 11th<br/>abandoned walk
Wed 11th
abandoned walk
Thu 12th<br/>boy am I sick of this weather
Thu 12th
boy am I sick of this weather
Fri 13th<br/>barbs
Fri 13th
Sat 14th<br/>mr hinitt and dr. freeman
Sat 14th
mr hinitt and dr. freeman
Sun 15th<br/>legacy bunting
Sun 15th
legacy bunting
Mon 16th<br/>unexpected sunset
Mon 16th
unexpected sunset
Tue 17th<br/>olympic
Tue 17th
Wed 18th<br/>corporate sponsorship
Wed 18th
corporate sponsorship
Thu 19th<br/>so why live anywhere else?
Thu 19th
so why live anywhere else?
Fri 20th<br/>in need of repairs
Fri 20th
in need of repairs
Sat 21st<br/>contre la montre
Sat 21st
contre la montre
Sun 22nd<br/>familiar objects
Sun 22nd
familiar objects
Mon 23rd<br/>not quite the last day in the old home
Mon 23rd
not quite the last day in the old home
Thu 26th<br/>all packed up
Thu 26th
all packed up
Fri 27th<br/>celebrations at Pete and Chris
Fri 27th
celebrations at Pete and Chris
Sat 28th<br/>houndean rise
Sat 28th
houndean rise
Sun 29th<br/>homeless
Sun 29th
Tue 31st<br/>forty two degrees
Tue 31st
forty two degrees