October 2010


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Fri 1st<br/>the south bank
Fri 1st
the south bank
Sat 2nd<br/>stuck to the window
Sat 2nd
stuck to the window
Sun 3rd<br/>animated drawing
Sun 3rd
animated drawing
Mon 4th<br/>ryder cup
Mon 4th
ryder cup
Tue 5th<br/>going about business
Tue 5th
going about business
Wed 6th<br/>october for sunsets
Wed 6th
october for sunsets
Thu 7th<br/>steep drop
Thu 7th
steep drop
Fri 8th<br/>chalk and slate
Fri 8th
chalk and slate
Sat 9th<br/>crown and buoy
Sat 9th
crown and buoy
Sun 10th<br/>two orange balloons
Sun 10th
two orange balloons
Mon 11th<br/>
Mon 11th
'poor decayed men'
Tue 12th<br/>stuffed
Tue 12th
Wed 13th<br/>B
Wed 13th
Thu 14th<br/>chapel hill
Thu 14th
chapel hill
Fri 15th<br/>chalkpit
Fri 15th
Sat 16th<br/>coming this way
Sat 16th
coming this way
Sun 17th<br/>jack-up barges
Sun 17th
jack-up barges
Mon 18th<br/>from willeys bridge
Mon 18th
from willeys bridge
Tue 19th<br/>063
Tue 19th
Wed 20th<br/>sunset over lewes
Wed 20th
sunset over lewes
Thu 21st<br/>sunset over the pond
Thu 21st
sunset over the pond
Fri 22nd<br/>distant view
Fri 22nd
distant view
Sat 23rd<br/>the edge
Sat 23rd
the edge
Sun 24th<br/>G
Sun 24th
Mon 25th<br/>where i wish i was today
Mon 25th
where i wish i was today
Tue 26th<br/>welcome to sussex
Tue 26th
welcome to sussex
Wed 27th<br/>chalky cliffs
Wed 27th
chalky cliffs
Thu 28th<br/>testa di dante
Thu 28th
testa di dante
Fri 29th<br/>visiting pat
Fri 29th
visiting pat
Sat 30th<br/>Eastbourne!
Sat 30th
Sun 31st<br/>beach game
Sun 31st
beach game