January 2013


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Tue 1st<br/>happy new year
Tue 1st
happy new year
Wed 2nd<br/>jevington church
Wed 2nd
jevington church
Thu 3rd<br/>tate modern
Thu 3rd
tate modern
Fri 4th<br/>two black caps
Fri 4th
two black caps
Sat 5th<br/>birthday cake
Sat 5th
birthday cake
Sun 6th<br/>top o
Sun 6th
top o' the shard
Mon 7th<br/>deep furrows
Mon 7th
deep furrows
Tue 8th<br/>blackcap
Tue 8th
Wed 9th<br/>boundary path
Wed 9th
boundary path
Thu 10th<br/>three graces
Thu 10th
three graces
Fri 11th<br/>double double glazing
Fri 11th
double double glazing
Sat 12th<br/>river ouse and glynde reach
Sat 12th
river ouse and glynde reach
Sun 13th<br/>on top of caburn
Sun 13th
on top of caburn
Mon 14th<br/>break in the clouds
Mon 14th
break in the clouds
Tue 15th<br/>new build
Tue 15th
new build
Wed 16th<br/>frosty jumps
Wed 16th
frosty jumps
Thu 17th<br/>frosty sheep
Thu 17th
frosty sheep
Fri 18th<br/>snow as predicted
Fri 18th
snow as predicted
Sat 19th<br/>nevill green
Sat 19th
nevill green
Sun 20th<br/>tobogganing
Sun 20th
Mon 21st<br/>bored with snow pictures
Mon 21st
bored with snow pictures
Tue 22nd<br/>tarantino pelmet
Tue 22nd
tarantino pelmet
Wed 23rd<br/>whiteout
Wed 23rd
Thu 24th<br/>studio shot
Thu 24th
studio shot
Fri 25th<br/>lucy in the afternoon
Fri 25th
lucy in the afternoon
Sat 26th<br/>tree forms
Sat 26th
tree forms
Sun 27th<br/>sussex church
Sun 27th
sussex church
Mon 28th<br/>rainy day DIY
Mon 28th
rainy day DIY
Tue 29th<br/>long shadows
Tue 29th
long shadows
Wed 30th<br/>new haircut
Wed 30th
new haircut
Thu 31st<br/>saint james
Thu 31st
saint james's park