August 2011


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Mon 1st<br/>meadow in the grange
Mon 1st
meadow in the grange
Tue 2nd<br/>southover grange
Tue 2nd
southover grange
Wed 3rd<br/>resurfacing the road
Wed 3rd
resurfacing the road
Thu 4th<br/>fiona at work
Thu 4th
fiona at work
Fri 5th<br/>blogging a sunflower
Fri 5th
blogging a sunflower
Sat 6th<br/>gathering for the photograph
Sat 6th
gathering for the photograph
Sun 7th<br/>hammock
Sun 7th
Mon 8th<br/>three generations
Mon 8th
three generations
Tue 9th<br/>open! ...that
Tue 9th
open! ...that's a relief
Wed 10th<br/>east bergholt
Wed 10th
east bergholt
Thu 11th<br/>bury st. edmunds
Thu 11th
bury st. edmunds
Fri 12th<br/>(at least) six photographers
Fri 12th
(at least) six photographers
Sat 13th<br/>tudor splendour
Sat 13th
tudor splendour
Sun 14th<br/>ely cathedral
Sun 14th
ely cathedral
Mon 15th<br/>octagonal lantern
Mon 15th
octagonal lantern
Tue 16th<br/>ely montage
Tue 16th
ely montage
Wed 17th<br/>dark canopy
Wed 17th
dark canopy
Fri 19th<br/>pevensey levels
Fri 19th
pevensey levels
Sat 20th<br/>tile hung
Sat 20th
tile hung
Sun 21st<br/>low flying
Sun 21st
low flying
Mon 22nd<br/>fishy world
Mon 22nd
fishy world
Wed 24th<br/>lozenge
Wed 24th
Thu 25th<br/>last working day meal
Thu 25th
last working day meal
Fri 26th<br/>lucy
Fri 26th
lucy's turn to leave
Sat 27th<br/>arts and crafts in Ansty
Sat 27th
arts and crafts in Ansty
Sun 28th<br/>sunflowers in the cuckmere valley
Sun 28th
sunflowers in the cuckmere valley
Mon 29th<br/>artwave
Mon 29th
Tue 30th<br/>floatation tank
Tue 30th
floatation tank
Wed 31st<br/>relaxed
Wed 31st