October 2022


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Sat 1st<br/>gable shadows
Sat 1st
gable shadows
Sun 2nd<br/>buddleia taking over
Sun 2nd
buddleia taking over
Mon 3rd<br/>basement view
Mon 3rd
basement view
Tue 4th<br/>new studio set-up
Tue 4th
new studio set-up
Wed 5th<br/>& G r i l l
Wed 5th
& G r i l l
Thu 6th<br/>two yesterday
Thu 6th
two yesterday
Fri 7th<br/>out of the woods
Fri 7th
out of the woods
Sat 8th<br/>where sheep may safely graze
Sat 8th
where sheep may safely graze
Sun 9th<br/>stayin
Sun 9th
stayin' alive (well one of them)
Mon 10th<br/>douglas seafront
Mon 10th
douglas seafront
Tue 11th<br/>jurby guard room
Tue 11th
jurby guard room
Wed 12th<br/>peel
Wed 12th
Wed 12th<br/>st. patrick
Wed 12th
st. patrick's isle and peel castle
Thu 13th<br/>the tram arrives
Thu 13th
the tram arrives
Thu 13th<br/>top of snaefell
Thu 13th
top of snaefell
Fri 14th<br/>snaefell from castletown
Fri 14th
snaefell from castletown
Sat 15th<br/>castle rushen
Sat 15th
castle rushen
Sat 15th<br/>line of trees
Sat 15th
line of trees
Sun 16th<br/>isle of man steam railway
Sun 16th
isle of man steam railway
Mon 17th<br/>hotel
Mon 17th
Tue 18th<br/>insomnia (03:nn hrs)
Tue 18th
insomnia (03:nn hrs)
Fri 21st<br/>12 solar panels
Fri 21st
12 solar panels
Sat 22nd<br/>dashboard
Sat 22nd
Wed 26th<br/>ranting about politics
Wed 26th
ranting about politics
Thu 27th<br/>acrylic
Thu 27th
acrylic 'glass'
Fri 28th<br/>looking for fish
Fri 28th
looking for fish
Sat 29th<br/>emergency garden meeting (covid)
Sat 29th
emergency garden meeting (covid)