March 2024


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Fri 1st<br/>ten minute drawing
Fri 1st
ten minute drawing
Sat 2nd<br/>our street pothole gets deeper
Sat 2nd
our street pothole gets deeper
Sun 3rd<br/>a room of their own
Sun 3rd
a room of their own
Mon 4th<br/>two new murals
Mon 4th
two new murals
Tue 5th<br/>brompton cemetery
Tue 5th
brompton cemetery
Wed 6th<br/>RA courtyard
Wed 6th
RA courtyard
Thu 7th<br/>the pells
Thu 7th
the pells
Fri 8th<br/>life friday
Fri 8th
life friday
Sat 9th<br/>lewes looks good today
Sat 9th
lewes looks good today
Sun 10th<br/>big hand big foot
Sun 10th
big hand big foot
Mon 11th<br/>part of the forum complex
Mon 11th
part of the forum complex
Mon 11th<br/>pantheon
Mon 11th
Tue 12th<br/>piramide
Tue 12th
Tue 12th<br/>virtually everywhere you look …
Tue 12th
virtually everywhere you look …
Tue 12th<br/>pont to the max
Tue 12th
pont to the max
Wed 13th<br/>holocaust victims
Wed 13th
holocaust victims
Wed 13th<br/>empty spaces
Wed 13th
empty spaces
Thu 14th<br/>palazzo farnese
Thu 14th
palazzo farnese
Thu 14th<br/>giuseppe verdi
Thu 14th
giuseppe verdi
Fri 15th<br/>quotidiana
Fri 15th
Fri 15th<br/>fountains of rome
Fri 15th
fountains of rome
Sat 16th<br/>inside the colosseum
Sat 16th
inside the colosseum
Sun 17th<br/>the junction
Sun 17th
the junction
Mon 18th<br/>hexagonal tunnel
Mon 18th
hexagonal tunnel
Tue 19th<br/>growth
Tue 19th
Wed 20th<br/>prismatic rustication
Wed 20th
prismatic rustication
Thu 21st<br/>surface
Thu 21st
Fri 22nd<br/>dead car alley
Fri 22nd
dead car alley
Sat 23rd<br/>astrid
Sat 23rd
Sun 24th<br/>angerstein wharf
Sun 24th
angerstein wharf
Mon 25th<br/>the thames barrier
Mon 25th
the thames barrier
Tue 26th<br/>the cult of beauty
Tue 26th
the cult of beauty
Wed 27th<br/>blow up
Wed 27th
blow up
Thu 28th<br/>self examination
Thu 28th
self examination
Fri 29th<br/>hi high viz
Fri 29th
hi high viz
Sat 30th<br/>trying to understand ...
Sat 30th
trying to understand ...
Sun 31st<br/>easter sunday
Sun 31st
easter sunday