June 2012


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Fri 1st<br/>up keere st.
Fri 1st
up keere st.
Sat 2nd<br/>sensible advice
Sat 2nd
sensible advice
Sun 3rd<br/>ahhh... the smell of steam trains!
Sun 3rd
ahhh... the smell of steam trains!
Mon 4th<br/>in the back yard
Mon 4th
in the back yard
Tue 5th<br/>big poppy
Tue 5th
big poppy
Wed 6th<br/>052
Wed 6th
Thu 7th<br/>little ray of sunshine
Thu 7th
little ray of sunshine
Fri 8th<br/>a very windy day
Fri 8th
a very windy day
Sat 9th<br/>hamsey church
Sat 9th
hamsey church
Sun 10th<br/>phat phase
Sun 10th
phat phase
Mon 11th<br/>twenty years
Mon 11th
twenty years
Tue 12th<br/>brighton degree show
Tue 12th
brighton degree show
Wed 13th<br/>gimme shelter
Wed 13th
gimme shelter
Thu 14th<br/>I can
Thu 14th
I can't face cooking fish pie
Fri 15th<br/>M
Fri 15th
Sat 16th<br/>the purple and the green
Sat 16th
the purple and the green
Sun 17th<br/>those who can
Sun 17th
those who can't ride, push
Mon 18th<br/>looking east from the beacon
Mon 18th
looking east from the beacon
Tue 19th<br/>MM... what next?
Tue 19th
MM... what next?
Wed 20th<br/>at the bottom of the glass
Wed 20th
at the bottom of the glass
Thu 21st<br/>genius of da vinci
Thu 21st
genius of da vinci
Fri 22nd<br/>yossarian
Fri 22nd
Sat 23rd<br/>albion riverside
Sat 23rd
albion riverside
Sun 24th<br/>eggs benedict
Sun 24th
eggs benedict
Mon 25th<br/>atop the cabot tower...
Mon 25th
atop the cabot tower...
Tue 26th<br/>patchwork city
Tue 26th
patchwork city
Wed 27th<br/>hut in a field
Wed 27th
hut in a field
Thu 28th<br/>downland fence
Thu 28th
downland fence
Fri 29th<br/>field trip
Fri 29th
field trip
Sat 30th<br/>midsummer evening
Sat 30th
midsummer evening