February 2006


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Wed 1st<br/>river bend
Wed 1st
river bend
Thu 2nd<br/>spray tank
Thu 2nd
spray tank
Fri 3rd<br/>fence post
Fri 3rd
fence post
Sat 4th<br/>telegraph post
Sat 4th
telegraph post
Sun 5th<br/>hope gap
Sun 5th
hope gap
Mon 6th<br/>scotswood road
Mon 6th
scotswood road
Tue 7th<br/>chimneys
Tue 7th
Wed 8th<br/>inside the sage
Wed 8th
inside the sage
Thu 9th<br/>bike stands
Thu 9th
bike stands
Fri 10th<br/>pillar box
Fri 10th
pillar box
Sat 11th<br/>stickers
Sat 11th
Sun 12th<br/>food drink w.c
Sun 12th
food drink w.c
Mon 13th<br/>strung
Mon 13th
Tue 14th<br/>stair well
Tue 14th
stair well
Wed 15th<br/>window shopping
Wed 15th
window shopping
Thu 16th<br/>stubber
Thu 16th
Fri 17th<br/>cast court
Fri 17th
cast court
Sat 18th<br/>cousins
Sat 18th
Sun 19th<br/>camber sands
Sun 19th
camber sands
Mon 20th<br/>cancelled
Mon 20th
Tue 21st<br/>puddle
Tue 21st
Wed 22nd<br/>club
Wed 22nd
Thu 23rd<br/>castelbajac
Thu 23rd
Fri 24th<br/>paddock road
Fri 24th
paddock road
Sat 25th<br/>pictures in the hall
Sat 25th
pictures in the hall
Sun 26th<br/>patch of sunlight
Sun 26th
patch of sunlight
Mon 27th<br/>carry on up your convenience
Mon 27th
carry on up your convenience
Tue 28th<br/>two benches, four chimneys
Tue 28th
two benches, four chimneys