June 2018


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Fri 1st<br/>in nellies
Fri 1st
in nellies
Sat 2nd<br/>burton constable
Sat 2nd
burton constable
Sun 3rd<br/>beverley station
Sun 3rd
beverley station
Mon 4th<br/>thorn
Mon 4th
thorn'ick bay pano
Tue 5th<br/>dad
Tue 5th
dad's diary
Wed 6th<br/>bus shelter
Wed 6th
bus shelter
Thu 7th<br/>chinoisserie
Thu 7th
Fri 8th<br/>discussions
Fri 8th
Sat 9th<br/>life drawing
Sat 9th
life drawing
Sun 10th<br/>portrait
Sun 10th
Mon 11th<br/>cafe
Mon 11th
Tue 12th<br/>canon o
Tue 12th
canon o'donnell as was
Wed 13th<br/>breakfast with mr hinitt
Wed 13th
breakfast with mr hinitt
Thu 14th<br/>life drawing friday
Thu 14th
life drawing friday
Fri 15th<br/>tina
Fri 15th
tina's birthday
Sat 16th<br/>jurassic walk
Sat 16th
jurassic walk
Sun 17th<br/>kimmeridge bay from swyre head
Sun 17th
kimmeridge bay from swyre head
Mon 18th<br/>pig veg garden
Mon 18th
pig veg garden
Tue 19th<br/>old harry
Tue 19th
old harry's rocks
Wed 20th<br/>croydon horror
Wed 20th
croydon horror
Thu 21st<br/>overground roundels
Thu 21st
overground roundels
Fri 22nd<br/>corvid
Fri 22nd
Sat 23rd<br/>church window
Sat 23rd
church window
Sun 24th<br/>westdean from the arboretum
Sun 24th
westdean from the arboretum
Mon 25th<br/>about 6 hours so far
Mon 25th
about 6 hours so far
Tue 26th<br/>a very mixed bag indeed
Tue 26th
a very mixed bag indeed
Wed 27th<br/>Sir Josh and Anish
Wed 27th
Sir Josh and Anish
Thu 28th<br/>another diamond day
Thu 28th
another diamond day
Fri 29th<br/>church architecture
Fri 29th
church architecture
Sat 30th<br/>sparrowhawk dinner
Sat 30th
sparrowhawk dinner