January 2018


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Mon 1st<br/>first sunset blog of the new year
Mon 1st
first sunset blog of the new year
Tue 2nd<br/>second sunset blog
Tue 2nd
second sunset blog
Wed 3rd<br/>serpentine paths
Wed 3rd
serpentine paths
Thu 4th<br/>foot and torso
Thu 4th
foot and torso
Fri 5th<br/>birthday weekend
Fri 5th
birthday weekend
Sat 6th<br/>coxs walk, nr. lordship lane
Sat 6th
coxs walk, nr. lordship lane
Sun 7th<br/>croydon
Sun 7th
Mon 8th<br/>mobile phone anyone?
Mon 8th
mobile phone anyone?
Tue 9th<br/>fish eye studio
Tue 9th
fish eye studio
Wed 10th<br/>don
Wed 10th
don't fancy yours much
Thu 11th<br/>big bank o
Thu 11th
big bank o'cloud
Fri 12th<br/>reclining pose (30 min)
Fri 12th
reclining pose (30 min)
Sat 13th<br/>artisani
Sat 13th
Sun 14th<br/>lewes
Sun 14th
Mon 15th<br/>wetting the baby
Mon 15th
wetting the baby's head
Tue 16th<br/>admiralty arch sunset
Tue 16th
admiralty arch sunset
Wed 17th<br/>dew pond reflection
Wed 17th
dew pond reflection
Thu 18th<br/>our beautiful town
Thu 18th
our beautiful town
Fri 19th<br/>waiting for the bus
Fri 19th
waiting for the bus
Sat 20th<br/>birmingham style
Sat 20th
birmingham style
Sun 21st<br/>birmingham style 2
Sun 21st
birmingham style 2
Mon 22nd<br/>gas street basin
Mon 22nd
gas street basin
Tue 23rd<br/>moor street station
Tue 23rd
moor street station
Wed 24th<br/>who doesn
Wed 24th
who doesn't love a robin?
Thu 25th<br/>walk in the woods
Thu 25th
walk in the woods
Fri 26th<br/>life drawing friday
Fri 26th
life drawing friday
Sat 27th<br/>burns night
Sat 27th
burns night
Sun 28th<br/>lockups
Sun 28th
Mon 29th<br/>mist hangs in the valley
Mon 29th
mist hangs in the valley
Tue 30th<br/>crystal palace station
Tue 30th
crystal palace station
Wed 31st<br/>imperial war museum
Wed 31st
imperial war museum