March 2023


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Wed 1st<br/>jupiter and venus
Wed 1st
jupiter and venus
Thu 2nd<br/>cutting through
Thu 2nd
cutting through
Fri 3rd<br/>life
Fri 3rd
Sat 4th<br/>not the diceman
Sat 4th
not the diceman
Sun 5th<br/>exmoor ponies running wild
Sun 5th
exmoor ponies running wild
Mon 6th<br/>ennui 23
Mon 6th
ennui 23
Tue 7th<br/>another look at the abakanowicz
Tue 7th
another look at the abakanowicz
Wed 8th<br/>tate modern
Wed 8th
tate modern
Thu 9th<br/>indian take-away
Thu 9th
indian take-away
Fri 10th<br/>friday life
Fri 10th
friday life
Tue 14th<br/>high level buffers
Tue 14th
high level buffers
Wed 15th<br/>budding oak
Wed 15th
budding oak
Thu 16th<br/>hoarding
Thu 16th
Fri 17th<br/>an italian beauty
Fri 17th
an italian beauty
Sat 18th<br/>I
Sat 18th
I've got a sausage roll and a spade
Sun 19th<br/>clock and ironwork
Sun 19th
clock and ironwork
Mon 20th<br/>at the john harvey
Mon 20th
at the john harvey
Tue 21st<br/>downstream
Tue 21st
Wed 22nd<br/>little prawn thief
Wed 22nd
little prawn thief
Thu 23rd<br/>life
Thu 23rd
Fri 24th<br/>casa di chloe
Fri 24th
casa di chloe
Fri 24th<br/>from the air
Fri 24th
from the air
Sat 25th<br/>the golden box
Sat 25th
the golden box
Sat 25th<br/>pallazo madama
Sat 25th
pallazo madama
Sat 25th<br/>le alpi
Sat 25th
le alpi
Sun 26th<br/>fiume po
Sun 26th
fiume po
Sun 26th<br/>baroque overload
Sun 26th
baroque overload
Mon 27th<br/>cappella della sacra sindone
Mon 27th
cappella della sacra sindone
Mon 27th<br/>viewers
Mon 27th
Mon 27th<br/>the beauty of details
Mon 27th
the beauty of details
Tue 28th<br/>galerie sabauda
Tue 28th
galerie sabauda
Tue 28th<br/>secondhand books
Tue 28th
secondhand books
Tue 28th<br/>city of trams
Tue 28th
city of trams
Wed 29th<br/>piazza san carlo
Wed 29th
piazza san carlo
Wed 29th<br/>duomo
Wed 29th
Thu 30th<br/>quotidiana
Thu 30th
Fri 31st<br/>new model
Fri 31st
new model