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Dictionary def: QUOTIDIAN /kwo/tid' i-ən/ adj. daily; recurring daily, any activity that follows a regular recurrent pattern, everyday, commonplace (from Latin quot = how many + dies =day).

This madness has been going on since Spring 2004. Yes I still try to take a picture every day, sometimes several. This discipline continues to excite me and challenge me, and often to frustrate me. Obviously holidays, visits (to and from) and exciting times call for more camera work, more creative input and decisions. Being stuck indoors for whatever reason especially with the rain pouring down can be dispiriting.

Camera purchases have happened all along the way, but other significant events along this journey include:
December 2005 bigger format photographs, (the earliest ones are 200 pixels sq.)
August 2010 Introduction of categories.
February 2012 New build and design.
January 2017 new URL quotidian.blog (quotidian.me.uk originally)
January 2019 partial re-coding. (mainly deprecated PHP)
Spring 2020 Covid lockdowns: new category (pandemic) to reflect this awful new world.
Autumn 2020 Restyling, re-coding of CCS and HTML structure.
April 2024 Quotidian turns 20 !!! See Here

Leica C Lux Leica typ 112 C Olympus E-PL1 iPhone SE Lumix DMC TZ7 Canon SX10  1S Canon S80 Pentax Optio555 Olympus C2040
Simon Dale Quotidian.blog


These have been used on this site:
Leica C-Lux
Leica C (typ 112)
Olympus Pen E_PL1
Panasonic Lumix DMC TZ7
Canon Powershot SX10 1S
Canon Powershot S80
Pentax Optio 555
Olympus C2040 (all pictured)
Fuji A240.
See left. (The Pentax and Canon S80 were both damaged beyond repair)
I have taken more pictures with my iPhone than I ever thought I would, because the image quality is exceptional for such a small lens.

Most images left were taken from Digital Photography Review © Individual reviews of these cameras are mostly if not all deleted.

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