November 2022


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Tue 1st<br/>rainy day playtime
Tue 1st
rainy day playtime
Wed 2nd<br/>autumn still life
Wed 2nd
autumn still life
Thu 3rd<br/>evening moon
Thu 3rd
evening moon
Fri 4th<br/>red dawn
Fri 4th
red dawn
Sat 5th<br/>effing raining again
Sat 5th
effing raining again
Sun 6th<br/>old bones
Sun 6th
old bones
Mon 7th<br/>grey plague
Mon 7th
grey plague
Tue 8th<br/>flooding in the valley
Tue 8th
flooding in the valley
Wed 9th<br/>mistress says
Wed 9th
mistress says
Thu 10th<br/>london stock
Thu 10th
london stock
Fri 11th<br/>day 11
Fri 11th
day 11
Sat 12th<br/>on the overground
Sat 12th
on the overground
Sun 13th<br/>down the street
Sun 13th
down the street
Mon 14th<br/>contre jour crowds
Mon 14th
contre jour crowds
Tue 15th<br/>subtle autumn
Tue 15th
subtle autumn
Wed 16th<br/>rained all day
Wed 16th
rained all day
Thu 17th<br/>sunny afternoon
Thu 17th
sunny afternoon
Fri 18th<br/>friday life
Fri 18th
friday life
Sat 19th<br/>high water
Sat 19th
high water
Sun 20th<br/>way
Sun 20th
Wed 23rd<br/>it
Wed 23rd
it's at it again
Thu 24th<br/>camouflage bench (b+w)
Thu 24th
camouflage bench (b+w)
Thu 24th<br/>camouflage bench
Thu 24th
camouflage bench
Fri 25th<br/>life drawing friday
Fri 25th
life drawing friday
Sat 26th<br/> clouds and trees
Sat 26th
clouds and trees
Sun 27th<br/>outlook
Sun 27th
Wed 30th<br/>last leaves of autumn
Wed 30th
last leaves of autumn