August 2018


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Wed 1st<br/>pelleas et melisande
Wed 1st
pelleas et melisande
Thu 2nd<br/>back in town
Thu 2nd
back in town
Fri 3rd<br/>sunny garden
Fri 3rd
sunny garden
Sat 4th<br/>keep your eyes open everyone
Sat 4th
keep your eyes open everyone
Sun 5th<br/>cool cool woods
Sun 5th
cool cool woods
Mon 6th<br/>six thirty a.m. kitchen
Mon 6th
six thirty a.m. kitchen
Tue 7th<br/>rusty diamond
Tue 7th
rusty diamond
Wed 8th<br/>in the new cabin
Wed 8th
in the new cabin
Thu 9th<br/>river gardens belper
Thu 9th
river gardens belper
Fri 10th<br/>polish army officers
Fri 10th
polish army officers
Sat 11th<br/>haddon hall
Sat 11th
haddon hall
Sun 12th<br/>bench shot
Sun 12th
bench shot
Mon 13th<br/>windows
Mon 13th
Tue 14th<br/>figures and rails
Tue 14th
figures and rails
Wed 15th<br/>colchester
Wed 15th
Thu 16th<br/>emporium
Thu 16th
Fri 17th<br/>barracks
Fri 17th
Sat 18th<br/>evening beach walk
Sat 18th
evening beach walk
Sun 19th<br/>the garden at av. mexique
Sun 19th
the garden at av. mexique
Mon 20th<br/>house and garden view
Mon 20th
house and garden view
Tue 21st<br/>atlantic sunset pano
Tue 21st
atlantic sunset pano
Wed 22nd<br/>wifey at le gurp
Wed 22nd
wifey at le gurp
Thu 23rd<br/>fishing for sea bass
Thu 23rd
fishing for sea bass
Fri 24th<br/>curly vine frieze
Fri 24th
curly vine frieze
Sat 25th<br/>taking the air
Sat 25th
taking the air
Sun 26th<br/>wet bank holiday
Sun 26th
wet bank holiday
Mon 27th<br/>a blank canvas
Mon 27th
a blank canvas
Tue 28th<br/>winchester water meadows
Tue 28th
winchester water meadows
Wed 29th<br/>day three
Wed 29th
day three
Thu 30th<br/>gallipoli
Thu 30th
Fri 31st<br/>river itchen
Fri 31st
river itchen