September 2016


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Thu 1st<br/>the depot cinema
Thu 1st
the depot cinema
Fri 2nd<br/>life drawing friday
Fri 2nd
life drawing friday
Sat 3rd<br/>family visit
Sat 3rd
family visit
Sun 4th<br/>river thames near days lock
Sun 4th
river thames near days lock
Mon 5th<br/>dorchester-on-thames
Mon 5th
Tue 6th<br/>dorchester abbey
Tue 6th
dorchester abbey
Wed 7th<br/>abingdon town hall
Wed 7th
abingdon town hall
Thu 8th<br/>gilbert scott bridge
Thu 8th
gilbert scott bridge
Fri 9th<br/>wittenham clumps
Fri 9th
wittenham clumps
Sat 10th<br/>potato
Sat 10th
Sun 11th<br/>is there any way out
Sun 11th
is there any way out
Mon 12th<br/>cliffe bridge shop
Mon 12th
cliffe bridge shop
Tue 13th<br/>merchants
Tue 13th
Wed 14th<br/>95.2 % waxing gibbous
Wed 14th
95.2 % waxing gibbous
Thu 15th<br/>Bishop of Lancaster
Thu 15th
Bishop of Lancaster
Fri 16th<br/>life drawing friday
Fri 16th
life drawing friday
Sat 17th<br/>chichester priory park
Sat 17th
chichester priory park
Sun 18th<br/>end of the pier
Sun 18th
end of the pier
Mon 19th<br/>reynolds as was
Mon 19th
reynolds as was
Tue 20th<br/>harvey
Tue 20th
harvey's dray
Wed 21st<br/>burger night at the pelham
Wed 21st
burger night at the pelham
Thu 22nd<br/>the towns twittens
Thu 22nd
the towns twittens
Fri 23rd<br/>happy birthday antmanbee
Fri 23rd
happy birthday antmanbee
Sat 24th<br/>hanging basketry
Sat 24th
hanging basketry
Sun 25th<br/>RML 2660
Sun 25th
RML 2660
Mon 26th<br/>lewes chilli festival
Mon 26th
lewes chilli festival
Tue 27th<br/>plastic
Tue 27th
Wed 28th<br/>using my iPhone as a remote
Wed 28th
using my iPhone as a remote
Thu 29th<br/>premier inn development
Thu 29th
premier inn development
Fri 30th<br/>life drawing friday
Fri 30th
life drawing friday