July 2011


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Fri 1st<br/>thirteen hours
Fri 1st
thirteen hours
Sat 2nd<br/>lines from the past
Sat 2nd
lines from the past
Sun 3rd<br/>walking round fairlight
Sun 3rd
walking round fairlight
Mon 4th<br/>dune
Mon 4th
Tue 5th<br/>fourth plinth
Tue 5th
fourth plinth
Wed 6th<br/>002
Wed 6th
Thu 7th<br/>old harry
Thu 7th
old harry's rocks
Fri 8th<br/>worbarrow bay
Fri 8th
worbarrow bay
Sat 9th<br/>kimmeridge bay
Sat 9th
kimmeridge bay
Sun 10th<br/>lulworth cove
Sun 10th
lulworth cove
Mon 11th<br/>street parties 2011
Mon 11th
street parties 2011
Tue 12th<br/>clavell tower
Tue 12th
clavell tower
Wed 13th<br/>southern region livery
Wed 13th
southern region livery
Thu 14th<br/>gentle harrys farm
Thu 14th
gentle harrys farm
Fri 15th<br/>wagamamas
Fri 15th
Sat 16th<br/>standen
Sat 16th
Sun 17th<br/>a lot of art...
Sun 17th
a lot of art...
Tue 19th<br/>orange
Tue 19th
Wed 20th<br/>a new view
Wed 20th
a new view
Thu 21st<br/>drink up ye cider boys
Thu 21st
drink up ye cider boys
Fri 22nd<br/>friday joiner
Fri 22nd
friday joiner
Sat 23rd<br/>end of an era party
Sat 23rd
end of an era party
Sun 24th<br/>feels like summer again
Sun 24th
feels like summer again
Mon 25th<br/>summer berries
Mon 25th
summer berries
Thu 28th<br/>another bad week...
Thu 28th
another bad week...
Fri 29th<br/>four weeks today...
Fri 29th
four weeks today...
Sat 30th<br/>watching waldemar januszczak
Sat 30th
watching waldemar januszczak
Sun 31st<br/>companion piece
Sun 31st
companion piece