January 2007


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Mon 1st<br/>happy new year
Mon 1st
happy new year
Tue 2nd<br/>a certain smile
Tue 2nd
a certain smile
Wed 3rd<br/>family
Wed 3rd
Thu 4th<br/>moonlit palace
Thu 4th
moonlit palace
Fri 5th<br/>birthday socks
Fri 5th
birthday socks
Sat 6th<br/>old sign
Sat 6th
old sign
Sun 7th<br/>car park
Sun 7th
car park
Mon 8th<br/>croft garage
Mon 8th
croft garage
Tue 9th<br/>kick me
Tue 9th
kick me
Wed 10th<br/>late afternoon
Wed 10th
late afternoon
Thu 11th<br/>ovine contre-jour
Thu 11th
ovine contre-jour
Fri 12th<br/>by-pass
Fri 12th
Sat 13th<br/>yellow gate
Sat 13th
yellow gate
Sun 14th<br/>building materials
Sun 14th
building materials
Mon 15th<br/>between two houses
Mon 15th
between two houses
Tue 16th<br/>postcard from lewes
Tue 16th
postcard from lewes
Wed 17th<br/>glasses
Wed 17th
Thu 18th<br/>blue sky
Thu 18th
blue sky
Fri 19th<br/>steep
Fri 19th
Sat 20th<br/>marnies 60th party
Sat 20th
marnies 60th party
Sun 21st<br/>devon coast
Sun 21st
devon coast
Mon 22nd<br/>omega 9
Mon 22nd
omega 9
Tue 23rd<br/>winter (?)
Tue 23rd
winter (?)
Wed 24th<br/>station carpark
Wed 24th
station carpark
Thu 25th<br/>between two houses (2)
Thu 25th
between two houses (2)
Fri 26th<br/>screw and sash cord
Fri 26th
screw and sash cord
Sat 27th<br/>topsy turvy
Sat 27th
topsy turvy
Sun 28th<br/>seaside bar
Sun 28th
seaside bar
Mon 29th<br/>bodies and legs
Mon 29th
bodies and legs
Tue 30th<br/>poster edges
Tue 30th
poster edges
Wed 31st<br/>three way
Wed 31st
three way