May 2015


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Fri 1st<br/>splash point
Fri 1st
splash point
Sat 2nd<br/>bench and floor
Sat 2nd
bench and floor
Sun 3rd<br/>camp hill
Sun 3rd
camp hill
Mon 4th<br/>duddleswell
Mon 4th
Tue 5th<br/>force seven
Tue 5th
force seven
Wed 6th<br/>a painting a day in may
Wed 6th
a painting a day in may
Thu 7th<br/>reading poetry
Thu 7th
reading poetry
Fri 8th<br/>TQ 473 292
Fri 8th
TQ 473 292
Sat 9th<br/>saturday afternoon
Sat 9th
saturday afternoon
Sun 10th<br/>addition of pots and cranes
Sun 10th
addition of pots and cranes
Mon 11th<br/>lewes riverside
Mon 11th
lewes riverside
Tue 12th<br/>st. annes hill
Tue 12th
st. annes hill
Wed 13th<br/>friston forest
Wed 13th
friston forest
Thu 14th<br/>tiled side wall
Thu 14th
tiled side wall
Fri 15th<br/>25 today
Fri 15th
25 today
Sat 16th<br/>day 16
Sat 16th
day 16
Sun 17th<br/>top of plumpton bostal
Sun 17th
top of plumpton bostal
Mon 18th<br/>up to the pond and back
Mon 18th
up to the pond and back
Tue 19th<br/>level 8
Tue 19th
level 8
Wed 20th<br/>lunch at EAT.
Wed 20th
lunch at EAT.
Thu 21st<br/>bricks and steps
Thu 21st
bricks and steps
Fri 22nd<br/>day 21
Fri 22nd
day 21
Sat 23rd<br/>nine and seven is sixteen
Sat 23rd
nine and seven is sixteen
Sun 24th<br/>owen as arp warden
Sun 24th
owen as arp warden
Mon 25th<br/>beachy head
Mon 25th
beachy head
Tue 26th<br/>lewes commercial square
Tue 26th
lewes commercial square
Wed 27th<br/>fish and chip supper
Wed 27th
fish and chip supper
Thu 28th<br/>pink house
Thu 28th
pink house
Fri 29th<br/>white houses
Fri 29th
white houses
Sat 30th<br/>playing in the dunes
Sat 30th
playing in the dunes
Sun 31st<br/>pallant house, chichester
Sun 31st
pallant house, chichester