September 2023


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Fri 1st<br/>archie and gail
Fri 1st
archie and gail's party
Sat 2nd<br/>saint swithun
Sat 2nd
saint swithun
Sun 3rd<br/>admiring the sky
Sun 3rd
admiring the sky
Mon 4th<br/>twenty one empty properties …
Mon 4th
twenty one empty properties …
Fri 8th<br/>back to life class
Fri 8th
back to life class
Sun 10th<br/>music while I work
Sun 10th
music while I work
Wed 13th<br/>ghost valley
Wed 13th
ghost valley
Fri 15th<br/>mark
Fri 15th
mark's haircut
Mon 18th<br/>antwerp centraal station
Mon 18th
antwerp centraal station
Mon 18th<br/>three nights in antwerp
Mon 18th
three nights in antwerp
Tue 19th<br/>flemish tiles
Tue 19th
flemish tiles
Tue 19th<br/>on schildersstraat
Tue 19th
on schildersstraat
Wed 20th<br/>ancient and modern
Wed 20th
ancient and modern
Wed 20th<br/>curvature
Wed 20th
Thu 21st<br/>cathedral visitors
Thu 21st
cathedral visitors
Fri 22nd<br/>raining in brussels
Fri 22nd
raining in brussels
Sun 24th<br/>24 hours in A & E
Sun 24th
24 hours in A & E
Mon 25th<br/>custom house
Mon 25th
custom house
Tue 26th<br/>groynes
Tue 26th
Wed 27th<br/>up and away
Wed 27th
up and away
Thu 28th<br/>in search of a crab sandwich
Thu 28th
in search of a crab sandwich
Fri 29th<br/>people watching
Fri 29th
people watching
Sat 30th<br/>lunch with Helen and Ange
Sat 30th
lunch with Helen and Ange