July 2021


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Thu 1st<br/>topsham dry dock
Thu 1st
topsham dry dock
Fri 2nd<br/>the turf inn
Fri 2nd
the turf inn
Sat 3rd<br/>hi viz - powderham castle
Sat 3rd
hi viz - powderham castle
Sun 4th<br/>bird hide
Sun 4th
bird hide
Mon 5th<br/>at exeter st. david
Mon 5th
at exeter st. david's station
Tue 6th<br/>manor house farm
Tue 6th
manor house farm
Wed 7th<br/>jo
Wed 7th
jo's fiftieth
Thu 8th<br/>ironwork
Thu 8th
Fri 9th<br/>broadband speed
Fri 9th
broadband speed
Sat 10th<br/>asbestos and ivy
Sat 10th
asbestos and ivy
Sun 11th<br/>trees and fields
Sun 11th
trees and fields
Mon 12th<br/>missing river
Mon 12th
missing river
Tue 13th<br/>lizzie
Tue 13th
lizzie's pizza
Wed 14th<br/>things you can see (part 94)
Wed 14th
things you can see (part 94)
Thu 15th<br/>green
Thu 15th
Fri 16th<br/>life drawing friday
Fri 16th
life drawing friday
Sat 17th<br/>gesture of excitement
Sat 17th
gesture of excitement
Sun 18th<br/>showerhead
Sun 18th
Mon 19th<br/>yellow ball
Mon 19th
yellow ball
Tue 20th<br/>human scale (3)
Tue 20th
human scale (3)
Wed 21st<br/>waiting
Wed 21st
Thu 22nd<br/>chinese chips
Thu 22nd
chinese chips
Fri 23rd<br/>new model
Fri 23rd
new model
Sat 24th<br/>reclaiming the lost shoes
Sat 24th
reclaiming the lost shoes
Sun 25th<br/>at the crossroads
Sun 25th
at the crossroads
Mon 26th<br/>small blue - adonis blue
Mon 26th
small blue - adonis blue
Tue 27th<br/>surface contrasts
Tue 27th
surface contrasts
Wed 28th<br/>nice detailing
Wed 28th
nice detailing
Thu 29th<br/>house of friendship
Thu 29th
house of friendship
Fri 30th<br/>experimental
Fri 30th
Sat 31st<br/>cloud banks
Sat 31st
cloud banks