February 2013


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Fri 1st<br/>sundown geese
Fri 1st
sundown geese
Sat 2nd<br/>am ideal
Sat 2nd
am ideal
Sun 3rd<br/>sunset on caburn
Sun 3rd
sunset on caburn
Mon 4th<br/>monday morning
Mon 4th
monday morning
Tue 5th<br/>home produce
Tue 5th
home produce
Wed 6th<br/>smoke and brighton
Wed 6th
smoke and brighton
Thu 7th<br/>crankshaft?
Thu 7th
Fri 8th<br/>garden work phase two
Fri 8th
garden work phase two
Sat 9th<br/>three walking shots
Sat 9th
three walking shots
Sun 10th<br/>grey landscape
Sun 10th
grey landscape
Mon 11th<br/>walking up to mount caburn
Mon 11th
walking up to mount caburn
Tue 12th<br/>waterlogged
Tue 12th
Wed 13th<br/>seen in the gents at the tate
Wed 13th
seen in the gents at the tate
Thu 14th<br/>tina 4 kel
Thu 14th
tina 4 kel
Fri 15th<br/>cheesegrater and walkie-talkie
Fri 15th
cheesegrater and walkie-talkie
Sat 16th<br/>distressed
Sat 16th
Sun 17th<br/>nice afternoon for a walk
Sun 17th
nice afternoon for a walk
Mon 18th<br/>lookout
Mon 18th
Tue 19th<br/>half-term kite flying
Tue 19th
half-term kite flying
Wed 20th<br/>the back way home
Wed 20th
the back way home
Thu 21st<br/>post growth
Thu 21st
post growth
Fri 22nd<br/>two collages
Fri 22nd
two collages
Sat 23rd<br/>east pylon
Sat 23rd
east pylon
Sun 24th<br/>dissertation
Sun 24th
Mon 25th<br/>green trunk
Mon 25th
green trunk
Tue 26th<br/>mmm... lasagne
Tue 26th
mmm... lasagne
Wed 27th<br/>small paved area
Wed 27th
small paved area
Thu 28th<br/>wide landscape
Thu 28th
wide landscape