June 2014


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Sun 1st<br/>sunday in lewes
Sun 1st
sunday in lewes
Mon 2nd<br/>market tower
Mon 2nd
market tower
Tue 3rd<br/>the lamb
Tue 3rd
the lamb
Wed 4th<br/>through the window of the mind
Wed 4th
through the window of the mind
Thu 5th<br/>poppies - two kinds
Thu 5th
poppies - two kinds
Fri 6th<br/>which side are you on?
Fri 6th
which side are you on?
Sat 7th<br/>like a cheap suit?
Sat 7th
like a cheap suit?
Sun 8th<br/>blistering
Sun 8th
Mon 9th<br/>sunday: eight twenty eight pm
Mon 9th
sunday: eight twenty eight pm
Tue 10th<br/>pink fan
Tue 10th
pink fan
Wed 11th<br/>the piccadilly line
Wed 11th
the piccadilly line
Thu 12th<br/>eastport lane
Thu 12th
eastport lane
Fri 13th<br/>alfred waterhouse
Fri 13th
alfred waterhouse
Sat 14th<br/>water lilies
Sat 14th
water lilies
Sun 15th<br/>our garden
Sun 15th
our garden
Mon 16th<br/>best burgers i
Mon 16th
best burgers i've ever made
Tue 17th<br/>a very big tree indeed
Tue 17th
a very big tree indeed
Wed 18th<br/>contrasting light
Wed 18th
contrasting light
Thu 19th<br/>looking back
Thu 19th
looking back
Fri 20th<br/>chair
Fri 20th
Sat 21st<br/>saturday in lewes
Sat 21st
saturday in lewes
Sun 22nd<br/>summer sunday on the ouse
Sun 22nd
summer sunday on the ouse
Mon 23rd<br/>skies over sussex
Mon 23rd
skies over sussex
Tue 24th<br/>passing ferries
Tue 24th
passing ferries
Wed 25th<br/>dave andrew and bob
Wed 25th
dave andrew and bob
Thu 26th<br/>bucklers hard
Thu 26th
bucklers hard
Fri 27th<br/>lymington
Fri 27th
Sat 28th<br/>the lansdowne arms
Sat 28th
the lansdowne arms
Sun 29th<br/>peeling paint on lewes railway bridge
Sun 29th
peeling paint on lewes railway bridge
Mon 30th<br/>near the bowling green 10.30pm
Mon 30th
near the bowling green 10.30pm