March 2020


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Sun 1st<br/>london bridge reflections
Sun 1st
london bridge reflections
Mon 2nd<br/>looking upwards
Mon 2nd
looking upwards
Tue 3rd<br/>goalpost, trees, hill
Tue 3rd
goalpost, trees, hill
Wed 4th<br/>ash dieback
Wed 4th
ash dieback
Thu 5th<br/>hole in a wall
Thu 5th
hole in a wall
Thu 5th<br/>physalis alkekengi
Thu 5th
physalis alkekengi
Fri 6th<br/>tyne bridges
Fri 6th
tyne bridges
Sat 7th<br/>power station
Sat 7th
power station
Sun 8th<br/>magdala crescent
Sun 8th
magdala crescent
Mon 9th<br/>waters of leith
Mon 9th
waters of leith
Mon 9th<br/>miracles
Mon 9th
Tue 10th<br/>colinton tunnel
Tue 10th
colinton tunnel
Tue 10th<br/>lewis and robert louis
Tue 10th
lewis and robert louis
Wed 11th<br/>max headroom
Wed 11th
max headroom
Thu 12th<br/>bus stop bus
Thu 12th
bus stop bus
Thu 12th<br/>you could always cut kitchen towel in half
Thu 12th
you could always cut kitchen towel in half
Fri 13th<br/>life drawing friday
Fri 13th
life drawing friday
Sat 14th<br/>new view
Sat 14th
new view
Sun 15th<br/>mirror crack
Sun 15th
mirror crack'd from side to side
Mon 16th<br/>abinger place and st. johns terrace
Mon 16th
abinger place and st. johns terrace
Tue 17th<br/>before our house was built (1936)
Tue 17th
before our house was built (1936)
Wed 18th<br/>selfie isolated
Wed 18th
selfie isolated
Thu 19th<br/>two drawings
Thu 19th
two drawings
Fri 20th<br/>bridge to nowhere
Fri 20th
bridge to nowhere
Sat 21st<br/>social distancing
Sat 21st
social distancing
Sun 22nd<br/>social distancing (2)
Sun 22nd
social distancing (2)
Mon 23rd<br/>road to nowhere
Mon 23rd
road to nowhere
Mon 23rd<br/>jumbo to nowhere
Mon 23rd
jumbo to nowhere
Tue 24th<br/>self isolation (day 2)
Tue 24th
self isolation (day 2)
Wed 25th<br/>self isolation (day 3)
Wed 25th
self isolation (day 3)
Thu 26th<br/>robin sings
Thu 26th
robin sings
Thu 26th<br/>happy birthday AA
Thu 26th
happy birthday AA
Fri 27th<br/>evening distanced stroll
Fri 27th
evening distanced stroll
Sat 28th<br/>self isolation (day 7)
Sat 28th
self isolation (day 7)
Sun 29th<br/>lonely figure
Sun 29th
lonely figure
Mon 30th<br/>rainbow
Mon 30th
Tue 31st<br/>four paintings
Tue 31st
four paintings